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Always classic, always elegant and always on trend, vintage  is one of the surest paths to style success. I always thought vintage was for the ultra fashionable. For the bride who has an impeccable sense of style and an ability to find the stylish needle in the unstylish haystack, but the more I learn about it the more I realize vintage is for everyone, especially with shops like Spokane’s Carousel around. Carousel is located at 110 S Cedar and is owned by Jenny Stabile. Jenny works hard to find pieces that translate to the trends of today and has created a shop where fashion gems are  easier to find, which is great news for the shopping challenged gals like me. Carousel is one of the places you should definitely check out for your bridal accessories, bridesmaids dresses or if you are just looking for that vintage addition to your wardrobe. I asked Jenny to send me a couple shots of her favorite accessories for brides to give you a little taster of what her store has.

Carousel Vintage, Spokane Wedding Blog

Carousel Vintage, Spokane Wedding Blog

Jenny regularly posts new items on her Facebook page so make sure you become a fan to get first look at her amazing pieces.


110 S Cedar, Spokane


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