Top Winter Wedding Venues in the Spokane area

I am sucker for a good “Top” list no matter if it’s ‘”Top 5 Diseases in Europe between 1755-1976″ or “Top 10 Things He’s Not Telling You” (one of my personal “Top 10” Top 10s), I can’t help but look. So today I have the Top Winter Wedding Venues in the Spokane area. It should be said that by “Top” , I mean MY top, but I have spent the last couple months researching venues and would like to think my opinion is somewhat educated at this point.  The criteria were simple.

  • Will the venue accommodate a winter wedding?
  • What is the atmosphere like in winter?
  • And how easy is it to get there?

Patsy Clark Mansion

Patsy Clark’s open log fires, dark wood and classical decor make it feel cozy and comfy for those cold winter nights. And because it’s one of Spokane’s most historic venues, it can’t help but have character in every nook and cranny.  If you still aren’t convinced then check out this amazing Patsy Clark wedding featured previously on Apple Brides!

The Davenport

If you’ve always dreamt of a city wedding in winter, then The Davenport is the perfect place! The Christmas decorations are famous in Spokane and would create the MOST amazing backdrop for a wedding. Head to the rooftop to get photos of the snowy views of the city and then enjoy a mulled wine by the fire in the lobby (another great photo opp!)

Elkins Resort

Elkins Lodge on Priest Lake gets my vote because nothing says winter wonderland like a cabin in the woods! And even though it may slightly break the rules, because it isn’t the easiest place to get to, it makes up for it because your guests can spend the night in their very own luxurious cabin or lodge.

Glover Mansion

I know there’s already another mansion on the list, but the old mansions are some of Spokane’s wedding gems, especially in winter! The reason I like Glover Mansion so much is that it looks like something you might see in the English countryside, and what’s not to like about that?! It was built in 1888 and if it’s ‘enchanting-European- winter-wonderland’ you’re after…it’s definitely a top spot!

Pine River Ranch

There are some who say Leavenworth is the birthplace of romance (ok…no… no one says that, but they would be justified if they did!) which is why Pine River Ranch makes the list. Not only is it very near the adorable Bavarian town of Leavenworth and great ski slopes, it is also a little winter paradise with luxurious cabins and a rustic barn venue for wedding receptions (which is heated and open year round). I realize is may break a couple of rules too, but it makes up for it because it’s perfect in every other way!

Ok, so those are MY top winter venues, I am sure there are plenty of others so let me know if I missed any!


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