Top 10 Reasons the Flat 4 Photo Booth Will Make Your Wedding Better!

Photo booths are one of the hottest trends for 2011 weddings and Whitney Tampien of Spokane’s trendiest photo booth company, Flat 4 Photo Booth is here to tell us why!

Spokane photo booth

1. We aren’t all Dancing Queens. Let’s be honest, not everyone likes dancing for hours on end! The Photo Booth provides a nice alternative or break from the dance floor for you and your guests.

2. Get photos of your guests. It is nearly impossible for your photographer to capture photos of each guest at your wedding. The Photo Booth is a great way to see who was there and to have a visual record of your guests for years to come!

Spokane photo booth

3. Save on wedding favors. The Photo Booth eliminates the need to spend hundreds of extra dollars on wedding favors. With the option to personalize each photo with custom text and/or a logo, guests get to take home their own Photo Booth picture, which lasts much longer (and is much cheaper) than a bag of personalized M&Ms anyway!

4. An alternative guest book! You can use the Photo Booth for a unique, personal Guest Book complete with your guests’ Photo Booth pictures! Our ‘Wedding Bundle’ package comes with an all-inclusive guest book service with a modern scrapbook-style guest book and an attendant overseeing your book!

5. It’s a ton of fun. There’s no denying the fact that the Photo Booth is just plain FUN! It provides entertainment and laughs for guests of all ages! And not to mention, it will keep kiddos busy during the reception…

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6. It makes your wedding original. Having a Photo Booth at your wedding is unique and different – it will be something your guests will remember and talk about to make your wedding stand out from the rest!

7. It’s instant! The Photo Booth not only provides immediate gratification through the prints you receive after each photo sitting, but your guests can also download and view all of the photos online the next morning for FREE! While your wedding photos take months to complete, you and your guests can be downloading your Photo Booth photos to Facebook within hours of your wedding!

8. You have to see your grandma in a feather boa…you just have to. When else will you see your grandmother in a feather boa or your father-in-law wearing a sombrero and have it all on captured in a photo?! Our props add a whole new level of fun to our Photo Booth, and often find their way onto the dance floor during the reception.

9. It lets personalities run wild! Because the Photo Booth is fully enclosed, you get uninhibited pictures showing your guests’ real personalities rather than a posed picture taken by a photographer. Let’s be honest, those are always everyone’s favorite pictures anyway!

Spokane wedding blog

10. Enhance your theme. With the option to customize your photo layouts and even the decorative curtains on the Photo Booth, it can enhance the theme of any wedding! Vintage? Rustic? Modern? We’ve got it covered!

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