Wedding Advice from Kayleen Huffman Photography

I’m so excited to introduce you to the latest Apple Brides Preferred Vendor, Coeur d’ Alene based Kayleen Huffman Photography! It’s an honor to Kayleen to my exclusive vendor list because she is REALLY talented,  she is amazing to work with, her prices are reasonable and lastly, she is offering a sweet deal for Apple Brides readers! What more could you ask for?

Even though Kayleen has been photographing weddings for a long time, she just started her own business. And let me tell you, photographers this awesome don’t stay this affordable for long, so now is the time to get her booked!

I asked Kayleen for her top advice for brides and a little about her business…

Coeur d' Alene wedding photographer

How long have you been in photography?

I have always had a passion for photography. My first camera was given to me in grade school, my next weapon of choice was my beloved Polaroid camera, followed by the tormenting of my family with my video camera. It wasn’t until I started my college career (7 years ago) that I thought, “Hey I may be onto something here!” So I bought myself a “big girl” camera and I have been photographing a plethora of wonderful things ever since.

Coeur d' Alene wedding photographer

What made you decide to go into weddings?

There’s just something about the excitement and nerves that fill the day… the timeless elegance of a bride… and all the hard work that goes into every detail. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic. I enjoy sharing these special moments with my clients.

What is your photography style?

I’d like to think that my style is fresh, unique, and dramatic. I aim to create striking images with attention to detail! I also tend to incorporate design elements into my photographs.

What should brides and grooms be looking for in their wedding photographer?

It’s simple. They need to look for someone with whom they can connect with, and someone who understands what they want. In my opinion, it’s best to build some sort of relationship prior to the wedding, whether it’s a consultation, an engagement session, or a pre-bridal session. They should also look for someone who is confident and one that isn’t afraid to take initiative. OH! And… have a Plan B in case of rain! :)

What is the biggest mistake you see couples make in planning their wedding?

In my experience, the biggest mistake I see couples making is not having a strict/structured timeline. The timeline is critical for most events leading to the ceremony. My main concerned is the “Bride and Groom” photos. Some of the best photographs come from allocating 1-2 hours of alone time for the couple, preferably pre-ceremony.

Coeur d' Alene wedding photographer
What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Undoubtedly, the couple’s first sight. Seeing the groom’s reaction to his beautiful bride never gets old. I’m also a sucker for personal vows. :)
What is included in your packages?

My packages include two photographers, myself and my trusty photojournalist sidekick. An online album to share with friends and family which includes mini folding cards with details for their guests. Each package also contains either a disc of images and/or a custom designed wedding album.

Coeur d' Alene wedding photographer

What do they start at?
I know first hand the regrets of not being able to afford “the best.” Therefore, I’ve started my packages at a very reasonable rate: $1500 (for 6 hours).
Fewer hours are available, I simply calculate a customized price. My prices, compared to other leading studios (whom I’ve worked for), are very conservative, almost half the cost.

I do have some specials running right now… one was a mailer, one on my website, another for my Facebook fans. And for the fun of it… one for all you Apple Brides!

Spokane photographer

What is your one piece of advice for couples getting married?

Very rarely does a wedding unfold without it’s kinks… go into your day with the right attitude and have fun with the people who came to celebrate!

Check out Kayleen’s website for more information!

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