Jenn Alberts Photography: Spokane Wedding Photographer

With a degree in photography and digital imaging, Jenn Alberts has been taking gorgeous pictures of newborns, families and seniors for 11 years. And now, luckily for us, she has decided to branch into the wedding world! And her eye for catching life’s most meaningful moments lends itself perfectly for weddings…perfectly indeed. She knows how to capture the best of whomever she is photographing, whether it’s a tiny baby or a bride and groom. AND Jenn’s packages start at just $550! But with her wedding calendar filling rapidly, I don’t think they will stay that way for long!


Spokane wedding photographer

How long have you been in photography?
I have always been a photographer. I always knew it’s what I wanted to do because it was what I loved! I have two degrees in photography and digital imaging and have been working in the field of photography for about 11 years.
What made you decide to get into wedding photography?
I moved back to Spokane a few years ago after the birth of my daughter and I was looking for a new direction for my photography. I spent much of my time taking photos of my new baby girl and I started to branch out and do more children’s photography. This naturally led to doing photography for families, expecting mommies, and eventually weddings! I honestly never thought that I’d be a wedding photographer, but I found that I love it! I really enjoying being a part of people’s happiness and watching their families grow.
Spokane wedding photographer
Who or what is your work inspired by?
I honestly think that my work is most often inspired by the people I’m working with! There are so many amazing photographers out there, some friends, some strangers, and I try to be inspired by all of them. For anyone to persevere as an artist in this economy should inspire us all!
What would you say is your style?
My style is relaxed, fun, and flexible! For me each shoot takes on it’s own style that is determined by the people, location, weather, season, etc! It’s like the photos start to take on a life and style of their own and I am fortunate to have the ability to see it come to life and capture it!
Spokane wedding photographer
What do you think is the most important aspect of a wedding photographer?
I think that you must be comfortable and be able to communicate to your photographer. A wedding photographer needs to be able to be spontaneously creative but also grounded and organized. I always take into account what images are important to the bride, groom, and their families while trying to capture all the little things that will be so special later. I like to be able to capture every moment possible and try to make each photo special.
Spokane wedding photographer
What is your top advice for couples planning their weddings?
Have fun, be fun, let others help you, and plan to enjoy your day!
Spokane wedding photographer
What do your packages include?
All packages include shooting time, online galleries to share + order from, prints, and a final cd/dvd with all images (min of 200 images)!!!
Spokane wedding photographer
Will you travel and what are the fees?
Yes I will travel, the fees usually depend on the location and what is involved. I usually just charge actual travel expenses on top of a package price.
Spokane wedding photographer
What is the price range of your services?
$550-$1500 for the packages additional costs for prints, albums, travel, etc.

Check out Jenn’s website for more details!

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