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I am so happy to welcome Alisha from Haute Pink Photography to the Preferred Vendor list! What I love about Alisha’s work is how earnestly she seeks to capture the essence of whoever she is photographing. She strives to really understand her couples and photograph their wedding in a way that represents their style, which she does beautifully. Her photos are real moments, and for a wedding photographer, that is EXACTLY what you want!

The other wonderful thing about Alisha is that she has a wide range of packages for every bride, no matter what your budget. Her regular packages range between $1295 and $2495, but she also has a Short Story Package for those couples who just want their ceremony and formal captures for only $300!

Alisha is offering a HUGE deal for Apple Bride readers! If you book your wedding in October, November or December of 2011 you will get 20% off!

Haute Pink Photography

An interview with Alisha…

How long have you been in photography?

The first time I can remember actually starting to get interested in photography was in middle school. I would go to the store and buy those cheap Kodak disposable cameras and invite my friends over to do photo shoots.  In high school it was a video camera that went with me everywhere. I started my business almost 2 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. I get to wake up every single morning and do what I love.
Spokane wedding photographer
What are your photography inspirations?
I get inspired by people. I definitely could never be a landscape photographer. Landscapes can be absolutely breathtaking but with people, no two pictures will ever be the same. You will never have the same people, at the same place, in the same lighting twice. So every picture you are creating is one-of-a-kind.

What would you say your photography style is?
I would say my style is romantic, fun and natural. Each couple is different and interacts differently with each other. Some couples are more playful, while some just seem at ease being in each others arms. I like to take pictures that show who they are together. If you already have a preconceived notion of what a wedding or photo session is going to be like before you meet the couple then your not truly capturing the essence of the person you are taking pictures of.
Spokane wedding photographer


What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

The story. Each wedding has it’s own story. How the bride and groom met. How he proposed. Why the bride picked those flowers or that song for their first dance. My job is to be able to tell the couples story of each wedding through their pictures so that everyone including the bride and groom never forget it.

What is your piece advice for couples looking for a photographer?

Make sure you and your photographer have chemistry. Your photographer is the person that you are with the most on your wedding day. Each couple should hire a photographer they feel comfortable with and that they feel will be able capture them the way they want. This is also why engagement photos are such a good idea. You get to know each other so on the wedding day, everyone is more relaxed.

What is the price range of your packages? And what’s included?

My regular packages start at $1295.00 and then go up to $2495.00, depending on what you want your package to include. I have 4 main packages and then a Short Story Package for the couples that only need me for their ceremony and family pictures and that is $300.00.

All my packages include a high resolution disc with all of the wedding photos. In my larger packages you get an engagement session, a second shooter, a print credit, and extra photo session to choose from. My largest package also comes with a 10 x 10 leather album.

Spokane wedding photographer

Check out the Haute Pink Photography website for more information!


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