Photographer Spotlight: Zach Mathers Photography

Zach Mathers Photography is based in Coeur d’ Alene but if you were to just look at his photos, you might think he was based in a larger, more cosmopolitan city. His work is fresh, stylish and modern. Attributes that totally appeal to my taste. We are so blessed to have this standard of wedding photography right here in the Inland Northwest!

Zach has joined the Apple Brides Featured Photographers list, and I couldn’t be more happy about it!

I sent him some questions so we can get to know him a little better…

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers

Where are you based?

I am based out of Coeur d Alene, but work a lot in Spokane

Spokane wedding photographer

How long have you been in photography?

I have been in photography full time for a few years.

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers

Why did you decide to go into wedding photography?

I went into wedding photography because weddings are such amazing moments in life. It is a moment of beauty and celebration, where people you are close to come together to laugh and celebrate life. There is just something amazing about wedding days.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is a mix of documentary style and high end fashion. I love getting to tell the unique story from the day, but with an artistic angle.

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers

What is your advice for brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer?

You need to find a photographer that has your style, but also someone that you connect with. Remember, that they are going to be around you on your special day.

What makes your photography unique?

I come into each event letting the situation help direct my shoots. Each wedding is so unique and it’s my job to pull out that story in a beautiful way. Also I have always tried to find way to mix my passion for the arts in everything I do.

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I have 2! The first is when the groom gets that first chance to see his bride and seeing the look on his face. The second is at the end of the ceremony right after the kiss when they turn to face all their friends and family and take that first step as a married couple. I get a big grin everytime that moment comes.

What is included in your packages? And whatʼs your price range?

My packages start at $2,000. Most of my packages include engagement photos (it helps me get to know the couple better). There is also online viewing and order with all weddings, album design and previewing.

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers
Will you travel?

I love to travel. If I had my choice, I would travel to weddings all around the world.

Anything else you would like brides to know?

I guess it would be that all of my wedding packages have no time limit. I like to be able to be there from the beginning to the end to capture all the little details.

Spokane wedding photographer, Zach Mathers

For more information check out Zach’s website!


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