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Confession. I never quite get weddings off my mind. Whether I’m scouting engagement shoot settings, staying at a hotel or out to dinner, I am constantly thinking about how it relates to weddings. I’m not sure if it’s a curse or a blessing, but one thing I am sure of, I am in the right job!

All that to say, that the last couple months in my completely non-wedding related activities, I’ve come across some great rehearsal dinner venues. Some of them you probably know and some you might not have considered, but I thought today’s links would be some of my picks for your pre-wedding bash. Every venue on the list will host events, I know…because I asked, much to the embarrassment of my husband!

If you want more information, check out my previous post entitled “Five Rehearsal Dinner Venues in Spokane“.

Twigs: With locations all over Spokane and a great atmosphere, Twigs is an ideal option for almost any Spokane area bride.

Sante: My absolute favorite restaurant in Spokane! Even though it’s a smidgen on the pricey side, if you love top quality food, Sante is the place to be!

Milford’s: I’ve driven by this restaurant a thousand times and finally ate there a couple months ago. Everyone in my party was so impressed with not only the great food, but also the charming atmosphere. They also have an ideal set up for private parties!

Downriver Grill: It’s a little known fact that one of the the Northside’s favorite restaurants, the Downriver Grill, can be rented out for events on certain nights.

Nectar Tasting Room: Perfect location, perfect atmosphere and great flexibility, downtown’s Nectar Tasting Room would be a fabulous option for a stylish rehearsal dinner in the city.

Commellini Estate: Located right on the Little Spokane River, Commellini Estate doubles as a perfect northside wedding venue and an ideal setting for a rehearsal dinner.

Manito Park: For a mere $50 you can rent one of the gazebos (or “shelters” as the park calls them) in Manito Park. The spaces have BBQs, tons of tables and chairs and would also work perfectly for a caterer (or food truck!). A very affordable option!

Trezzi Farm: Stephanie and Davide Trezzi do everything from catering to hosting weddings, so it’s no surprise that their picturesque Green Bluff farm would make the rehearsal dinner list too!

Spokane rehearsal DinnerPhoto by Amber Glanville Photography

Where are your local favorite rehearsal dinner spots?


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