Photographer Spotlight: AiP Creative Photography

I’m thrilled to be adding David from AiP Creative Photography to our Featured Photographers list! I’ve long been a fan of David’s work, starting way back at the amazing Schweitzer wedding I featured several months ago. I love his unique perspective and the way he captures the true essence of a couple during their big day. It’s great when a photographer has their own style and technique, especially when it’s as beautiful as David’s!

I sent him over a short interview to get some advice about choosing a wedding photographer and learn more about his business…

(P.S. Don’t miss the little advice gem David gives about what you should look for in your photographer! Good stuff…)

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

How long have you been in photography?

Approximately six years.

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

Why did you decide to go into wedding photography?

I started out with portraiture only, specializing in children’s and senior students’ photography.  A friend of mine wanted me to shoot her wedding for her, so with a touch of trepidation, I accepted.  The wedding was a blast.  I was able to take what I knew of portraiture and add to it the photojournalism aspect of the rest of the wedding, and it turned out beautifully!  Since then, I have been specializing in weddings and loving every bit of it.  It is so wonderful to get to be a part of the most important day in my clients’ lives weekend after weekend, and the value of the friendships I build with them is immeasurable.

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

How would you describe your style?

I blend photojournalism with portraiture.  I like to focus on the relationship between the bride and groom, so that their love really shows in the pictures.  I do some posing, but I also let the moments unfold as the couples loosen up and start to play with each other.

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

What is your advice for brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer?

I think it is really important that your photographer fits in well with your personalities.  If you are reserved, then you might prefer a reserved photographer, and if you are more outgoing, you may want your photographer to be more like that.  Full day coverage is important.  I used to offer packages by the hour, but I soon grew weary of having to cut parts of the coverage to fit with the package.  Since my clients are the most important aspect of my photography, I want them to get everything captured.  Whatever the case, you must feel comfortable around your photographer.  The photographer’s work should be reviewed with great detail and care to make sure their style fits in with yours, and that they can be counted on to give you great pictures that will blow you away!

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

What makes your photography unique? 

I am very relaxed and easy-going with my clients, so I feel they usually warm up to me and relax quickly.  This helps the images show more of their true personalities.  I want all of my clients’ beauty to show in their images.  I want them to open up their gallery and have their breath taken away, thinking “we look amazing!”  Great care is taken to make sure the composition in my images shows interest and complements their beauty.  I think one of the main aspects of my style that separates me from some other photographers is how much I focus on my clients.  I always let them know they can contact me any time for any reason.  I will often contact them with a cool idea I thought of for their pictures, and they will do likewise with me.  It’s a very open relationship I strive to create with my clients.  I want to have that familiarity of a good friendship by the time the wedding date comes around, and the only way to do that is to devote time to them.

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

It’s really all great.  Photographically, the edge has to go to the couples’ portraits.  However, aside from photography, my favorite part is when they are announced man and wife, because it is such a momentous time in their lives — possibly the most important moment they will ever know!

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

What is included in your packages?

Aside from my smaller budget packages for less than full coverage, my packages all include full day coverage, all the high resolution files on DVD with printing release, an engagement session with an 11×14 print, and an online gallery.  Books and albums along with other products can be added to any package.

Will you travel?


Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography
Any other advice for brides?

Start looking for your photographer early.  You may feel that a year before your wedding seems like you’re jumping the gun a little, but believe me, it isn’t!  Saturdays book up quickly — especially in the nice summer months.  When budgeting for your vendors, I would also suggest engaged couples to keep in mind that most things vendors provide will disappear as the wedding day passes, but your photographer’s work will be with you for the rest of your lives.  It will even be passed down to your children.  Don’t skimp on your photographer, or you will regret it as your memories fade, and mostly what you have to remember your wedding day by are photographs that could have been taken by Uncle Bob!

Spokane wedding photographer, AiP Creative Photography

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