Vendor Spotlight: Michael Fisk Photography

It’s great to come across a Spokane wedding photographer who not only creates beautiful wedding photos, but also genuinely loves what they do. Spokane based, Michael Fisk is one of those photographers. His images are powerful, well crafted and truly gorgeous. It’s a real honor to have him on our Featured Photographer list. You can be sure your wedding photos will be AMAZING with this guy!

Here’s an interview with Michael…

Spokane wedding photographer

How long have you been in photography?

Six years professionally, and shooting exclusively weddings for four years.

Spokane wedding photographer

Why did you decide to go into wedding photography?

Because I get the opportunity to work with couples on one of the best days of their lives, and I love photography. It was kind of a no-brainer! :)

Spokane wedding photographer

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is definitely unique. Brides comment to me all the time about when they see my work and how they know it’s mine because my photos are so different. I really find value in photos that capture intimate moments with a focus on the detail.

Spokane wedding photographer

What is your advice for brides and grooms looking for a wedding photographer?

Do your research and find a photographer that you think will best capture your day and book them… FAST! The truth is,  good wedding photographers don’t have a problem booking brides, but most brides have a hard time finding good photographers that are still available. So when you find a good one, book them.

Spokane wedding photographer

What makes your photography unique?

One thing that really sets me apart from most photographers is that I only photograph weddings. Because I shoot exclusively weddings, I only work with about 20 brides per year. This allows me to offer the best service and product possible because I can stay very focused on my wedding clients. From the booking process, to all of the planning, and of course photographing the wedding day, and all of the work that goes into your wedding even after the day, we guarantee you will be very happy.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

My favorite part is definitely the time I get to spend photographing just the bride and groom together. After years of shooting weddings and it being my full time career, I still to this day, get chills when I edit the bride and groom photos and get to see the final results. I feel like those photos always have a “wow” factor about them.

Spokane wedding photographer

What is included in your packages?

My wedding package is very simple and flexible. In fact I call it Simple+Sweet pricing. I don’t believe in cookie cutter packages so when you book with me you only pay for what you want.

Spokane wedding photographer

Will you travel?

Yes, I am based in Spokane WA and am available for travel.

Spokane wedding photographer

Check out the Michael Fisk website for more information!


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