Vendor Spotlight: Feast Catering Co.

Making everything from scratch, a commitment to local ingredients and a quest for flavor perfection is what makes Sylvia from Feast Catering Co. one of the premier Spokane wedding caterers. There’s no cans or frozen food here! All fresh, all the time, is Sylvia’s motto. Many local wedding venues don’t have kitchens, so some caterers will prepare the food before the event and reheat it, not Feast Catering Co! They make EVERYTHING on site so you get the absolute freshest food possible.

If you are looking for a caterer to help you design a menu that perfectly suits you and your fiance, Sylvia is your girl! She loves creating wedding meals that the bride and groom can be excited and proud of, she’s got  great ideas for almost any budget. One of my favorite ideas, is having a “Cocktail Party” menu, where the couple chooses 8-10 little bites so guests can try a variety of items.

Here’s an interview with Sylvia…

PS- Excuse me while I clean up the drool on my keyboard…how amazing are these food pictures?!

Spokane wedding catering

How long have you been in catering?

I actually started catering soon after opening Mizuna Restaurant in 1996. About five years ago, I sold Mizuna and started a catering business, called Feast.  So combined,  its been about 15 years.

Spokane wedding catering

What type of food do you specialize in?

Our philosophy is based on using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, locally grown and organic as much as possible.  Selecting ingredients that are in season, picked at their peak ensures flavors that are vibrant and satisfying. We are committed to supporting local farmers and everything is always made from scratch (never canned or frozen) using high quality ingredients, never heavy laden with fats. Flavors are refreshing and unique, and presentation is always clean and modern looking.

Spokane wedding catering
What makes your food and service unique?

1. We have mastered the art of cooking onsite .  Most  wedding venues in the area do not have a commercial kitchen on site. And many caterers will compensate for this by bringing in food that is prepared ahead ….only to have it sit for hours in a food warmer before serving…. giving it that not so good  “airplane food” quality.   Feast does things differently.  We actually prepare your food on site (out of site and tucked away) , so everything comes out really fresh,  vibrant looking, not overcooked, or wilted, or discolored….. and cooked to perfection.

2. Food Presentation is very important to us.  Food always looks modern and fresh. Whether you opt for tray passed appetizers, or a plated dinner, or a buffet style dinner, we put a lot of effort into making it look exceptional.

3. Our team of staff are truly amazing. They are knowledgeable, friendly and polished and will make sure that you and your guests are taken care of.  They make the event successful through their positive attitudes  and efficiency. Nothing is worse than poor slack service at a wedding. We work with the same staff and know them well and trust them with our clients.

Spokane wedding catering

Do you deliver and set up? Absolutely.

Spokane wedding catering

What is your favorite/most popular dish?

My favorite appetizer right now is either the Spring pea bruschetta, made with fresh shucked spring peas, truffle oil and lemon zest …or the grilled octopus salad.

Our most popular items are the sesame crusted ahí bites off the” little bites ” menu  and  the grilled tri tip beef loin with gremolita or the wild mushroom and rosemary chicken with a light gorgonzola cream off the “Mains”.

Spokane wedding catering

We have been doing a lot of “Cocktail Party” style receptions lately …where the bride/groom pick  8- 10 different “little bites” off  of our menus. This is always a lot of fun for the guests because it allows them to mingle and socialize  while meandering to different appetizer stations. And It is as filling as a sit down dinner.

Spokane wedding catering

Do you do custom menus?

All the time. What I enjoy most is sitting down with the bride and groom to get feel for what they  envision. I write down their likes and dislikes and any ideas they have, and from that create a personalized menu with them, based on their budget.  I also love being challenged. Last year I catered a 5 course Vietnamese wedding reception, and it turned out amazing and beautiful. I have done a lot of traveling and have a good feel for different ethnic cuisines which is always fun to incorporate.  I also love themed weddings…and enjoy ways  of incorporating the food to match the theme. For example…for a recent Gourmet Ranch Themed wedding …we used  little glass canning jars to serve the smoked potato salad in. It was a huge hit.

Spokane wedding catering

Can you cater for special dietary needs?

Yes. Gluten free, vegan,  allergies to nuts……no problem at all.

Spokane wedding catering
What price does your menu start at?


Spokane wedding catering

Check out the Feast Catering Co. website for more information!


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