Sparkling Lavender Lemon Tea by Alisa Lewis

Personalized drinks have become one of the hottest trends for weddings, and I have to say… I like it. I think there is something really nice about a couple choosing a drink that is either special to them or that they spent time concocting especially for their wedding. Plus, how fun/cute would it be to make the drink you had at your wedding every anniversary thereafter?!

Alisa from Alisa Lewis Event Design has put together a great recipe idea for a personalized drink, sparkling lavender lemon tea! Not only does it taste yummy, it also looks pretty…win win win. Finding lavender in Spokane is pretty easy too, making this a simple drink to recreate.

Alisa made the recipe for 100 people (see a more individual recipe here).

Lavender lemonade recipeImage via Sunday Suppers

Ingredients (to make 6 gallons, for approximately 100 people):

  • 20 Lemons
  • 1 Cup Lavender Buds (dried or fresh) 6-8  cups Agave Nectar or Sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 8 cups of Steeped Lemon Balm Tea or Green Tea
  • 5-6 gallons Sparkling Water or Pellegrino (or plain water)
  • 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil *optional, this creates a much stronger lavender flavor

Lavender lemonade recipe


1. Brew tea in a large pitcher or kettle.

2. Zest the lemons then juice them.

Lavender lemonade recipe
3. In a medium sauce pan heat the lemon juice, zest, crushed lavender buds, and agave over low heat to bring out the lemon & lavender essential oils. Once it starts to simmer remove it from the heat and let it cool.

4. In a large pitcher or pretty bottles, mix the lemon lavender mixture with the sparkling water and the tea.

Lavender lemonade recipe
Serve in a tall glass with a sprig of lavender as a stir stick and a slice of lemon. Enjoy!


Images by Mary Banducci Photography


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