Spokane Area Wedding Favor Ideas

I’ve had a couple brides asking lately about local wedding favors. I think it’s a great idea to reflect the place you live in your wedding, and lucky for us, we live in a place that grows some wonderful produce, which makes things much easier!

Here is a roundup of local favors I think represent the Spokane/Cd’A area…

Honey. Little jars of honey makes an adorable favor and is sure to make your guests happy campers. I would start your honeymaker search on Green Bluff!

honey wedding favorsCredits: 1 & 3. Martha Stewart Weddings 2. SMP by Brooke Boling 4. Hudson Valley Green 5. The Knot

Coffee. Like it or not, the Northwest is known for two things by the rest of the world. Coffee and rain (you can thank our Seattle contingent for that)…and Nirvana, which, IMO really has no place in weddings. We have some great coffee shops here in Spokane. Find a blend you love or one from the place you had your first coffee date. There are some great packaging options too!

spokane wedding favorsCredits: 1. SMP by  Harwell Photography 2. SMP by  KMI Photography  3. Ruffled Blog 4. SMP by  Caroline Tran

Apples. If you’ve ever bit into an apple anywhere else in the world, you know… Washington apples truly are superior. Embrace what we do best!

apple wedding favor ideasCredits: 1. Found here. 2. Etsy Page 3. One Stylish Bride

Huckleberries. This one’s a little harder since huckleberries are really only in season a couple weeks every year. They are not common in 96% of the world (a stat I totally made up btw), so not only are they a novelty, but people seriously love them! If you plan ahead you could get them when they’re in season and freeze them.

huckleberry wedding favorsCredits: 1. Martha Stewart Weddings 2. Libby James Blog 3. SMP by Tana Photography 4. Martha Stewart Weddings

Lavender. It may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of the Northwest, but we have some amazing lavender farms in Spokane. My favorite is Fleur de Provence Lavender Farm on Green Bluff.

lavender wedding favorsCredits: 1. Etsy page. 2. SMP by Aaron Delesie 3. Found here.

Do you have any another local favor ideas???


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