3 Trends in Engagement Rings from 77Diamonds.com

Finding the right engagement and wedding ring is one of the more permanent decisions in planning. I mean, you WILL be wearing this little beauty “till death do [you] part”, you might as well love it. So today the folks at 77diamonds.com are giving us insight into the top engagement ring trends for 2012. Take it away!

engagement ring trends

Many people are surprised to learn that there are actually trends with engagement rings. Even though wedding and engagement rings are traditions in and of themselves, and there are certain aspects of them that remain the same over time, there are still trends in the popularity of different styles of engagement rings. These trends can are formed by everything from fashion, celebrity imitation, or anything else that typically causes a swing in preferences. However, they do exist, and they are well worth taking into account as you start shopping for an engagement ring. Here are a few specific trends for 2012 that you may want to consider.

Eternity Rings

One of the most noteworthy trends in romantic rings these days are rings that are used more typically for weddings or anniversaries, as opposed to engagements.Women in relationships are falling in love with eternity rings, which are essentially rings set with multiple diamonds all along the surface. Simply head to 77Diamonds.com for a look at some of the specific designs that these rings can come in. Some couples use them as rather elaborate wedding bands, but they are also becoming popular for anniversaries as symbols of renewed and ongoing commitment.

colored engagement ringsPhotos via Brides.com

With specific regard to engagement rings, another very noticeable trend in 2012 is that diamonds are not necessarily mandatory. If you are going for a traditional look, or even if you want to play it on the safe side, a diamond engagement ring may well be the way to go – and, of course, diamonds are still by far the most popular stones for engagement rings. However, there are many more couples looking to get creative with engagement rings, often by using other stones or diamonds with color. This may be a good idea if another stone is simply preferable in your individual case, or even if you want to use the bride-to-be’s birthstone in the engagement ring as a romantic and personal gesture.

halo settings

Finally, there are also trends in engagement ring settings, which can actually do a great deal to affect the overall style and appearance of the ring. Most notably, these days, halo settings seem to be getting more and more popular in engagement rings. Basically, these are settings in which the stones are set within circular support on top of the band of the ring. The style is considered somewhat older and more elegant, but can make for a truly dazzling ring. However, though this is something of a current trend, it is still well worth considering all of your options when designing or picking out an engagement ring.

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