Spokane Area Weather and Your Wedding

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Ah, the Inland Northwest. The land of a million lakes, great coffee, rolling wheat fields and…unpredictable weather.

We’ve learned to accept that snow in April is not out of the question or that a 60 degree day in February is a definite possibility, but if there was one day you’d like to have a crystal ball when it comes to weather, it’s your wedding day. Even in the best of times, predicting what the weather will be like months from now is not a 100% guarantee, but I thought it might be helpful to take a look at some averages so you can make an educated decision about what you might expect from your wedding month. And I was quite surprised with my findings!

For instance, did you know one of the rainiest days of the year is May 11th? Or that October is one of the driest months of the year? These are good things to know before you pick your wedding day, especially for outdoor weddings. I’ve broken the findings down into spring/summer weddings and fall/winter weddings (because I know some of you are praying for snow on your big day!). Enjoy!

summer weddings in spokanePhoto by Jerome Pollos Photography

When to have a spring/summer wedding in Spokane…

Warm season: June 19-Sept 10

Driest months (in order): August, July, September, October

Wettest months (in order): December, November, January, May

Hottest day of the year: July 30th

Wettest days of the year: May 11 and November 21

Hottest month: August

Photo by Zach Mathers.

When to have a fall/winter wedding in Spokane…

Cold Season: Nov 14-Feb 24

Snowiest months: December, January

Warmest fall months: September, October

Snowiest day of the year: December 23rd

Windiest day: March 30th

Sunniest winter months: February, March

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