Planning A Desert Wedding

Post By Mandy Stephenson

For our local brides in Spokane and for those of you nationwide, we have recently been inspired by the look and beautiful indie vibe that is present in the desert. From the Southwestern states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado to areas in the Midwest and even here in the Inland Northwest, there are amazing desert settings that are perfectly conducive to creating a simple, chic, and unconventional wedding.

Although there are plenty of times in the year that the temperature alone will be a large limiting factor for people who live in a hot climate, this can be a great way to have a fall or winter wedding but still get near-perfect weather without a coat!

Now while this might not offer the most lush backdrop for your big day, the desert definitely has a distinct personality and is perfect if you love a minimalist look. Here are a few of our suggestions for ways to make the most of this classic landscape.

Incorporate Natural Elements

One of the most effective (and inexpensive) ways to make the most out of your desert location is by taking advantage of the pre-existing foliage and the other simple environmental details that surround you. Buying a variety of vases from places like TJ Maxx, Target, and even thrift stores in a selection of styles and colors, preferably within the same shades, can be simple and easy. Then when you add elements like natural grasses, succulents, rocks and sand for decoration you have a very easy and beautiful table setting.

Desert Wedding

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Take Advantage of Amazing Silhouettes

The desert offers incredible opportunities for a photographer to really maximize the landscape and use the natural beauty to showcase each couple’s unique personality. Whether you choose the desert for an engagement shoot or for your wedding, this setting allows a plethora of color patterns to pop and can work perfect with a wardrobe ranging from the most simple to the most ornate.

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Using DIY

There are lots of fun options when it comes to utilizing DIY in your wedding, and when you work with a location that leaves a lot of room for personalized decorations then you can really have fun with the space. Whether you choose to take advantage of antique and traditional desert decor or opt for a more modern twist there are plenty of fun twists within this location. We love the integration of pastel colors, peonies, chevron prints, and modern signage for announcements and invitations.

Desert Wedding

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Desert Wedding Ideas

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Desert Wedding

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The most important thing about your desert wedding is just to make sure that you and your guests are as happy and as comfortable as possible. This can be done by adding unexpected delights like padded chairs, air conditioning or hand-held fans, umbrellas, and plenty of refreshing beverages. Just because it’s the desert doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious!



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