Accessorizing Your Wedding

Post By Mandy Stephenson

Finding the perfect dress is nearly as difficult as finding the perfect groom, but once you find those two essential elements, it may leave brides wondering, what now? Accessories are one of the most important things in making sure the look you create on your wedding day is flawless from head to toe.

Couture designer, Vera Wang told WWD some of her tips on how to style the ultimate overall look saying:

“It’s really important to see the whole look — the dress, the headpiece, the size of the bouquet and the shoes. I would even go so far as to include the makeup. A lot of girls put a tremendous amount of effort into the dress, but they don’t give a lot of thought to the headpiece, tiara, barrettes or other accessories. Very often they are an afterthought.” Vera Wang

With this in mind, we decided to assemble a dynamite list of some unique accessories that will really accent your outfit.


While many will opt for the traditional veil approach, there are some amazing headpieces through designers like Claire Pettibone or on BHLDN that make a great alternative for brides who want to go in a different direction with their hair decoration. Using materials like tulle, floral arrangements, or bejeweled accents is a gorgeous way to show off your hair and remove the fuss that often comes with long or extended length veils.

Photos Courtesy of Wedding Chicks and Etsy

Stellas DesignHeadpiece by Spokane based Stella’s Design. Photo by Rebecca Hollis.

Photos Courtesy of Glamorous Strapless Bridal


Gloves are one accessory that instantly adds elegance to any outfit, and your wedding day is no exception. Etsy is one website that features hundreds or gorgeous handmade and vintage gloves at incredibly reasonable prices. Consider adding this item for key wedding photos or other intimate moments that you would like to remember on your big day.

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

And while we are on the subject of hands, check out these gorgeous nail colors from OPI and Essie. We love OPI’s OPI “Mimosas for Mr & Mrs,” which is a perfect nude nail color or Essie’s Penny Talk, which is a phenomenal copper color.

Photos Courtesy of Nails Stah and Polish And Pearls

Odds and Ends:

Jewelry and shoes could warrant an entire post on their own due to their utter importance and the number of options out there. So while these categories are vital to any wedding outfit, there are two fun trends on the rise that we wanted to discuss: capes and brooches.

Entering the fall wedding season with winter just around the corner means that there is a whole new world of options when it comes to keeping warm for photographs or transitioning locations. We love the look of faux fur boleros or woolen capes when it comes to accentuating your beautiful dress and still keeping you cozy.

Photo Courtesy of One Wed

Photos Courtesy of One Wed

Brooches are a gorgeous way to add a sparkle to any gown, or fill the “something borrowed” category for more traditional brides. Whether you are pinning them directly to the gown, on a sash, or as a hairpiece, the possibilities for these sweet gems are endless. We love the look of this bride who opted for a brooch bouquet!

Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

 We leave you with this final tip: Make sure to tell your photographer to capture the detail shots of your accessories during the getting ready process. You will be glad to see them after the fact, and it is a beautiful way to remember the small aspects of your outfit that made it so special. For more tips on wedding photography, check out our list of Mandatory Wedding Photos!

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