How to Dress Your Groom

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Here at Apple Brides, we appreciate the fact that women run the wedding world. However, this week we wanted to shift the focus from the fairer sex to the handsome counterparts who make this day possible. He wined you, dined you, finally worked up the courage to ask you the big question, and probably let out a sigh of relief when you said yes. So now we’re going to discuss all of the options that are available when it comes to selecting the perfect ensemble for your man and his groomsmen.

While every man, like Darren Criss for GQ in the photo above, looks unbelievably fantastic when they opt to go for the full black-tie tuxedo look, there are plenty of fun alternatives that are less formal. After speaking to some of my male sources, their main suggestions were to make sure the outfit is comfortable so they will be relaxed and willing to take as long as is needed for the photography. Also, let him be involved in the decision and give him the opportunity to feel like he is bringing something unique to the day.

Skinny Ties:

Like skinny jeans for women, the skinny tie for men adds a certain simplistic sophistication that completes any look. This option is still formal but is modern and reflective of current fashion trends. A lot of men can look fantastic in a black silk, shiny or matte, and it gives an extra touch to each look, whether you opt to go formal or informal.

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Bow Ties:

Few things are more appealing than a bow tie when it is done well and with pride. More often than not, the bow tie tends to get a bad rap, but we strongly feel that this look is on its way back in. Stylish, elegant, and fun, this look is perfect for an indie wedding or in a non-traditional venue. Plus, it’s a great way to add subtle stylistic differences between groomsmen who may want to purchase these ties in a specific shade or print.

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For outdoor, relaxed weddings with an indie feel, suspenders are almost a must and so much fun. Great for warm weather venues when a jacket seems a bit too much, or for grooms who may not be interested in sporting such a formal look. Suspenders really pull the look together (pun intended). Take a look at a few of the options below for inspiration!

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Classic Suits:

For those who have always dreamed of the Cinderella ballgown dress, it is essential that your charming counterpart looks the part. You can’t go wrong with black tie formal wear – as long as it’s done right. Make sure to see a good tailor and get the suit perfectly fitted before moving forward. Since this look can be a bit uncomfortable, you need to make sure that your man is at ease during the day (both you and he will be thankful for this – especially during the pictures). If you’re interested in doing something a little different, try putting him in a black navy, steel gray, or camel brown. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong with a Burberry Suit.

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Unconventional Twists:

Personal and creative weddings are really all the rage, which leaves the door open to all types of possibilities. There is no reason why you have to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit when you can get basic staple pieces and mix and match them with a simple pair of trousers or even a great denim wash. Consider adding a unique wool blazer, interesting plaid or print, and combining multiple textures and pieces to create an unexpected, yet surprisingly cohesive look.

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Have recent wedding photos of your groom? Want to share any extra special tips? Let us know and leave us a comment below!


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