10 Things You’ll Be Glad you Registered For

The idea of going to a department store and choosing everything your heart desires sounds like an awesome gig. And it is. But it can also be overwhelming. So today, I thought I would make a list of some of the more random/unique things I was really glad I registered for, or wished I would have registered for.

1. Serveware. The truth of the matter is that chip n’ dip trays, silver serving bowls and cake stands are not on the top of life’s list of priorities. They are definitely nice to have for entertaining, but when you compare their importance to things like…say…sending your kids to college or paying the heating bill, they kind of get put on the back burner. Your wedding is the perfect time to collect these items. Even if they seem a little frivolous now, the two or three times a year you need them you will be very glad you had them!

things to register for1. Macy’s 2. Williams & Sonoma 3. & 4.  Bed Bath & Beyond 5. & 6. Macy’s

2. KitchenAid Mixer. Umm…yeah, who knew these were so expensive?! It wasn’t till I sparked out on my own that I realized that the KitchenAid mixer my mom always had in her kitchen was actually very valuable…far beyond the means of a recent college grad. Even though most of your guests are probably not planning on spending upwards of $300 on your gift, they may get together and go in on one for you, or maybe, you have a very generous uncle? It’s worth a try anyways!

wedding registry ideas


3. Wine Glasses. I really regret not adding quality wine glasses to my registry. The cheap ones I got at Target were fine for college, but now that I am a bit older I wish I had a nicer set.

regiFrom Williams & Sonoma

4. Holiday Decorations. This may seem like a random one, but one of my favorite wedding gifts was from someone who bought us some Christmas decorations. I didn’t think much of it at first, but when Christmas came that first year it was nice to have at least SOMETHING to put up. And believe me, buying all those ornaments and decor really adds up!

From Macy’s

5. Knife Set. This is another big ticket item, but a good set of knifes can last you a long time. The good ones are very expensive, but you could split the set up and register for one knife at a time to help break up the cost.

Those are the top 5 items I was glad I registered for or wished I’d registered for, here are a couple more…

6. Honeymoon. Did you know you can register for your honeymoon? You can! And I think it’s a great idea! There are a million sites who offer this service, there are even a couple in the Spokane area.

7. Cuisinart Food Processor. This is another pricey kitchen staple, you don’t realize how valuable it is until you don’t have one!

8. Good Coffee Maker. Even if you don’t drink coffee, every family should have a quality coffee maker (your coffee loving guests will thank you!). Depending on what you get these can range anywhere from $50 all the way up to several hundred. I am a huge Nespresso fan myself, but I am also a huge coffee fan so the investment was worth it.

9. Salt & Pepper Mills. This sounds like an obvious one, but your wedding is a great time to get a quality set of salt and pepper mills. Do some research, ask your friends and register for a really good set, I wish we would have done this!

10. Casserole Dishes. I’m not much of a casserole girl so I didn’t put casserole dishes on our registry, but one of our thoughtful guests knew better. They got us a really nice set and we use them ALL the time for everything from desserts, potatoes to yes…even casseroles.

P.S. Did you know you can register locally for higher quality and unique items?! We recommend locally based, The Dinner Party!


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