DIY Wedding in Spangle by Ferguson Films

There is so much to love about Denny and Megan’s wedding by Alissa and Ryan of Ferguson Films!

1. All DIY! Everything from the cake, the signs to the antique displays was either done by the couple or their friends and family.

2. Denny wrote a song for Megan! The song in the video was written and recorded by Denny for his bride Megan….awww! It was also their first dance.

3. The wedding was held at Megan’s parent’s farm, where she grew up.

4. Rain didn’t stop the party. It started to pour rain and instead of freaking out, the wedding just moved into an amazing barn on the property.

5. Every detail was meaningful. This couple thought about everything and made sure every aspect of their wedding sentimental.

6. The video is just the sweetest. Ryan and Alissa of Ferguson Films did such a beautiful job of capturing the vibe and tone of the day.



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