DIY Honey Favors by Alisa Lewis Event Design

We’ve got another fabulous DIY project from Alisa Lewis Event Design this morning! I love that Alisa not only has gorgeous DIY ideas, but she also puts a strong emphasis on using local ingredients and items. Today’s project is a local honey favor, which would be PERFECT no matter what time of year you get married. Alisa created these for one of the weddings she did this past summer, and it was a huge hit!

Here are her instructions.

Photo by Ifong Chen

Our September 2nd wedding was a fully designed, styled, and coordinated wedding by the Alisa Lewis Event Design & The Attic team. We have been planning Kaitlin and Jaron’s wedding since early 2012. It took place at her parents’ home in the Cougar Gulch area of Coeur d’Alene, it was a beautiful natural setting. Everything about Kaitlin and Jaron’s wedding was hand crafted and well-thought out! It was definitely a DIY wedding with many hand-made touches from the bride, her family, and the Attic.

Local honey as wedding favors seemed to fit the theme and design to a “T.” Kaitlin and her family purchased this local clover honey from The Bee Hive in Hayden.

We purchased mini jam jars to keep the honey in. Brown kraft paper, raffia, and a custom designed label served as the decor on these favors. Alisa Lewis Event Design organized a DIY day at the bride’s home with her bridesmaids, sisters, mom, and even the groom helped us! This DIY day was fun for everyone and got the job done efficiently and quickly!

Supplies & Costs for 200 favors:

diy honey wedding favors

Extra Supplies:

  • plastic, newspaper, trash bags
  • ladles, tea spoons, rubber spatulas,
  • 4 cup glass measuring cups with spout
  • a few wash clothes and hot water to wipe jars
  • scissors


1. We set up an assembly line. One person poured, one wiped the jars, one placed the paper & rim, one placed the label, one tied the raffia.

DIY Honey Wedding Favors
2. Wash the jam jars in the dishwasher and set out to dry completely.

3. Cover a large table and the floor in plastic or newspaper.

4. Set aside the lids & rims. Spread out the jam jars on the table so it is easy to pour honey from one to the next.

DIY Honey Wedding Favors

5. Pour honey from the large bucket into a more easy to handle container such as a glass measuring cup.

DIY Honey Wedding Favors

6. Slowly pour honey into each jar leaving about 1/4-1/2″ space from the top. This part is messy and you will drip. You may want to use a spoon or spatula to stop the flow of honey as you move from jar to jar.

Note: we tried a few styled of funnels to funnel the honey into the jar and it did not work. The honey is too viscous to flow through a funnel.

7. You can work in batches of 12-24 or fill all of your jars at one time.

DIY Honey Wedding Favors
8. Place the flat lid back on the sticky jars.

9. Take a hot damp washcloth and wash the outside of the jar and lid. Set aside.

DIY Honey Wedding FavorsInstruction photos by groom, Jaron Tietsort.

10. One all of the lids are placed on the clean honey jars, cut 5×5″ squares of kraft paper. (these squares could easily be cut ahead of time) Fabric or lace would work, too! We then crumpled our kraft paper a little to make it look a little more rustic.

11. We placed the paper square over the lid then screwed on the rim that came with the jars.

12. Then we placed the custom made label on the center of the top of the jar & tied with a raffia bow. Twine or lace or a coordinating color ribbon would work as well!

Approximate time with 6 people: 4 hours.
Approximate cost per favor: $1.80

Above 2 Photos by Ifong Chen


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