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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Angela Austin of Floral Design several times. Each and every time, I am amazed by her creative prowess for unique and beautiful flower arrangements. She really understands how to take someone’s vision and translate it to reality. She uses her background in interior design to make sure her flowers are well designed, beautiful and on budget! I couldn’t be happier to be adding such talent to our Featured Florist list!

spokane wedding florist, Floral Design

What training/experience do you have?

I was trained by the florist that owned Floral Design for 13 years before I purchased it.  Prior to that I went to school at the Art Institute for interior design.  The classes I took there really worked well with floral design work.

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What are some common mistakes you see brides make with their wedding flowers?

Recently I am seeing a big push for DIY flowers.  I think it’s great if a bride has a creative side and wants to do projects for their wedding, if they can be done before the week of the wedding. The problem I see is lack of understanding about what goes into creating flower arrangements for a wedding.  There is much more time invested than brides think, not to mention keeping all of those beautiful flowers fresh!  I have come into the picture days before large weddings because the bride, friends of the bride and family got in over their heads. It is always best to contact a florist early to go over options. A good florist will work within your budget so you can stay stress free the week of your wedding.

spokane wedding flowers, floral design

What is your advice for helping brides choose the right flowers?

I  recommend brides to go online and look for styles, colors and types flowers they like. When we sit down and visit I can take all of those things into consideration when helping them decide on the perfect wedding flowers. Another big thing to consider is the season your wedding will be in. There are many popular flowers that can only be found during certain times of the year. Be sure to ask a florist when those times are if you have your heart set on a special flower.

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What are some floral trends for 2013?

Vintage weddings will continue to be popular in the coming year.  Soft colors, mint greens, large blooms and lace wrapped hand tied bouquets. Monochromatic bouquets using tones of one color and ombre bouquets (graduating tones of one color from light to dark) will also be popular choices. Bright bold color combinations such as jewel tones, hot pinks and lime greens will be fun choices for the bride wanting lots of color.

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Do you offer consultations?  How does it help brides?

Yes! I offer free personal consultations in my studio. It is very important to me to get to know my bride (and groom if he wants to join us). Understanding their personalities and tastes helps me guide them in the right direction for wedding flowers. We sit down over coffee and go over magazines, pictures, Google and of course, Pinterest! I create a board on Pinterest for each of my weddings so we can pin ideas, it is a great way to keep up with the style direction of the wedding in the months before.

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What is your price range? 

This varies greatly.  I am happy to work within any budget.

Do you deliver?


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What do you think makes your floral designs unique?

I don’t believe I have a set style to my work, each wedding I do is unique.  I prefer not to copy a picture but instead, I like to take ideas and pictures that the bride brings me and create a flower package that reflects the bride and groom’s style.

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Contact Floral Design:


Location: 780 N Cecil Road Suite 102  Post Falls, Idaho 83854 (services Spokane/Cd’A area)

Phone: 208-773-3555

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