Important Venue Questions to Ask Before you Sign the Contract!

Post by Amy Plass

We have an abundance of beautiful wedding venues in the Inland Northwest, and it’s no easy feat to narrow down your options. It’s important to ask all the right questions upfront, so that you have a good understanding of what to expect on your big day.  If your time is limited or you are planning your wedding from a different location, ask these questions before you tour. It could save you a lot of time, and help you narrow the field.



What is your availability for the season I am interested in? Do you book multiple weddings in one day?

How many people can your venue accommodate with different seating or table arrangements?


Pricing and Packages:

What are your packages, and what does each include?  Are there add on’s such as deposits  or service charges that I should be aware of?

Do you allow brides to bring in their own caterer, or bring their own wine? Are there additional costs associated with this? How about cake? If there is an in house caterer, is there a food and beverage minimum?

Does the package include chairs and tables? What do they look like? Are linens included? What is already included, and what things do brides normally provide themselves?



Do you have a facility director? If so, will they be there on the wedding day? What is their role?

Does your venue have parking?

Are there rooms for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to get ready?

Does your venue accommodate both wedding ceremonies and receptions?

What backup plans do you have in place for bad weather? Do you have a tent? An indoor area we can use? A generator in case the power goes out?



How early can we start setting up at the site?

Do we need to tear down the same night? Can the rental company pick up rentals the next day?

At what time will guests have to leave the facility? Are you restricted by a noise ordinance?

Photo by Ifong Chen


Restrictions and Limitations:

Are there any restrictions for the photographer?

Do you allow alcohol? Open flames? Sparkler sendoffs or birdseed? What does your contract prohibit that we should know about?

If you have any questions about planning your wedding, email them to me at!

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