Introducing live action stations from Mangia Catering!

If you want to bring something fresh and new to your wedding reception, you will love today’s post. Tim from Mangia Catering has added live action station catering to his services! Action stations take the place of the standard buffet and allow guests to create their own yummy concoctions. Tim will be offering everything from a martini mashed potato bar (my personal fav), a sushi bar, lemonade bar to a taco bar! Besides being fun and interactive, the live action stations allow your guests to choose the flavors and types of food they want.

Here is a list of all the live action station options Mangia Catering has…

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Mangia Catering would like to introduce the newest service of catering to the area. We have put together several live action stations that are a great, new, fun and interactive style of catering. We have steered cleared of the traditional chaffer dish buffet line and brought you some fresh ideas from the most current trends of the industry. These stations can be added a la carte to a buffet line or “buck the norm” and offer several stations for your next event. We take care of all the calculations of equipment, food and staff. You can just sit back and relax, while watching your food being made right in front of you and all of your guests.

Bruschetta Bar

Freshly baked French baguettes sliced and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lightly toasted.  Guests can choose Classic Bruschetta, Olive Tapenade, Roasted Veggie Relish and a Basil pesto Goat cheese spread.

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Shrimp Scampi
Tiger shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic, oregano, lemon and butter finished with a splash of white wine tossed in angel hair, garnished with chopped parsley.

Ultimate Pasta Bar

Guests are greeted by a uniformed pasta chef that will toss a bowl of their favorite pasta (penne, bowtie, tortellini, fusilli), along with toppings like bacon, spinach, mushrooms, roasted garlic, tomatoes, olives and roasted red peppers. For an additional cost add meatballs, chicken and Italian sausage. All mixed together in a made from scratch sauce of parmesan Alfredo, basil pesto cream sauce and Pomodoro marinara or Bolognese. Served with an Antipasto Display, Caesar Salad and Bread.

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Guacamole Bar

A mountain of fresh organic white corn tortilla chips with an array of add ins like; cilantro, pico di gallo, handmade salsa, sharp white cheddar cheese, Cojita, sour cream, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, sliced black olives, black beans, jalapeños. Guests will choose their toppings and have their guacamole made by our uniformed attendant with a large mortar and pestle.

Martini Mashed Potato Bar

Guests will have the hard decision of choosing between Buttery Whipped Yukon Gold and Chunky Roasted Garlic Potatoes piped into a martini glass, topped with all their favorite toppings of fresh chives, scallions, sharp Tillamook cheddar cheese, diced bacon, gorgonzola, tomatoes, sour cream, sliced mushrooms, sautéed baby spinach and herb brown gravy, country gravy, cheese sauce and melted butter.

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Street Tacos or Taco Bowls or Fajita Station

Our meat grilled on site, Carne Asada (Grilled Steak), Carnitas, (Roasted Pulled Pork) Pollo Asada (Grilled Chicken) and made to order street tacos on corn tortillas.  Taco toppings include cilantro, pico di gallo, sour cream, Cojita cheese, lime and salsa. Served with a bean (black, refried, pinto) chips and Mexican rice.

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Sushi Chefs prepare Dragon Rolls, California Roll, Salmon Roll, Tempura Shrimp or Vegetable Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Avocado Rolls.  All prepared live in front of your guests and served with Wasabi, Ginger and Ponzu.

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Far East

Have a hibachi style dinning experience for your guests were uniformed chefs will prepare a Pan-Asian menu of fried rice or chow mein noodles, grilled shrimp, Teriyaki chicken or Mongolian Beef.


Small heat elements placed around real charcoal briquettes where guests can roast their marshmallows and sandwich them in between chocolate dipped gram crackers.

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Carving Station, attended by uniformed chef.

Roasted Turkey Breast
Slow cooked and topped with herb brown gravy.
Glazed Ham
Pit ham slow cooked and served with stone-ground mustard sauce.
Prime Rib
Encrusted with horseradish, salt and garlic.
Beef  Tenderloin
Served with a roasted garlic, Dijon and caramelized onion pesto.
Pork Loin
Filled with stuffing, apples and sage
Tri Tip
Heavily seasoned and marinated in garlic
Fillet of salmon roasted with fresh herbs and topped with lemon compound butter


Fresh lemons pressed right in front of the guests, to order, mixed with sugar water.  Guests can choose to flavor their lemonade with fresh fruit puree of strawberries, watermelon, huckleberries or raspberries.  Made just like the drinks at the specially food fairs!

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For more information check out the Mangia Catering website or call 208-819-4501!

PS- To get a taste of Mangia Catering’s delicious food (and meet some awesome vendors), don’t miss the Engagement Party at the White House tonight from 4-8pm!


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