5 Totally Awesome and Untraditional Shower Ideas

Post by Amy Plass

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Showers are supposed to be something we look forward to, a celebration for everyone involved. But too often we let ourselves be tricked into thinking that all showers have to be the same: tea and little sandwiches, embarrassing games and lingerie or kitchenware as gifts.  For the right crowd, a traditional shower can be just the ticket. But if you know that the people you want to invite most might be uncomfortable with that kind of environment, feel free to change it up! Below are my top 5 ideas for bridal showers that everyone will remember!

Cooking Class

If you and your guests appreciate the culinary arts, a cooking class might be right up your alley. Good food can easily stir up the conversation and get everyone smiling. Many local restaurants already host public cooking classes, and would be glad to host private classes as well, just ask! You can even sample signature cocktails for the wedding!

Photo courtesy of The City Kitchen


Cocktail Mixing Class

Nothing can break up social barriers like a good martini. If you and your friends feel most comfortable at the bar, then why not choose it as a location for your shower? Several local bars have cocktail mixing classes, and even provide appetizers along with the class.

Photo courtesy of Engaged & Inspired

Photo by Kristen Black Photography

Crafting /Flower arranging Class

If you’d like to have a more traditional shower but you’d like to entertain your guests with something other than games, a flower arranging class could be a lot of fun. Bonus: you’ll have lots of skilled helpers if you want to DIY some of your wedding flowers! Or, if you’d like a little extra help with one of your DIY projects, this would be a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family and make something beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Snippet & Ink


Fitness Party

If you’re so busy with planning that your regular trips to the gym have fallen to the wayside, why not consider a fitness party? Classes like Zumba are a great way to dance off calories and have a blast with your friends, no matter what their skill level. Ask your favorite instructors if they’d consider doing a private party.

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Slumber Party/Girls Night In

I might be completely crazy, but I think this may be one of the best “alternative” shower ideas ever! Bust out the tubs of ice cream and popcorn, and pop in your favorite wedding movies. It’s a setting that encourages everyone to be more comfortable and relaxed, plus – you get to wear your PJ’s!

Photo from Pink Ribbon Day

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