What to Know Before You Hire a DJ

Most of us want our weddings to be more than just a ceremony and a pretty white dress, we want our weddings to be a party! One our guests won’t forget. And the only way to ensure your wedding is the bash of the year is to hire the right DJ. A good DJ makes ALL the difference, they are trained to keep people dancing, engaged and having fun. Accomplishing all this takes experience, talent and the right personality….something an iPod will never have.

Today Thomas Shaw of Traks DJ Service has written a great article about what you should know when hiring a DJ. He’s listed some fabulous tips and questions you should ask your potential DJs. Thomas is a professional DJ in the Spokane/Cd’A area and has built a reputation as one of the best DJs around (read his Vendor Spotlight on Apple Brides).

Take is away Thomas!

Spokane wedding DJ, Traks DJ Service

Words by Thomas Shaw of Traks DJ Service

When hiring a DJ for a wedding, most people think that great music is the key to a successful event.  There is so much more involved than just great music at the reception.

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Did you know that most of your guests will decide whether to stay or leave after dinner within the first 20 minutes of your event?  This means your guests need to be impressed with the event in those first few minutes of your wedding reception.
  • Did you know that having a dance floor that is too big can actually hinder dancing?  A larger dance floor will have empty spaces and it may appear that not many people are dancing.
  • Did you know the location of the bar may also hinder dancing?  A bar that is located in another room or too far from the dance floor will pull your guests away from dancing, as most guests will linger around the bar area.

Spokane DJ, Traks DJ Service

There are so many reasons to hire an experienced DJ for your wedding.  A professional DJ knows what you and your guests want and how wedding receptions flow.

Keeping all of your guests comfortable during your wedding ceremony and reception is very important.  Knowing where to seat your guests in relation to the loud speakers is just as important as providing chairs, tables, shade or heat, drinks and dinner for your guests.  Completing a walk-through with your vendors will help you to make all these plans ahead of time.

Hiring a professional wedding DJ is key to the success of your wedding reception.  Make it a priority to meet your DJ in person.  This is important so you can get a feel for the DJ’s personality and whether or not the DJ is the right fit for you event.  Let the DJ know what type of music you like and dislike, so the DJ can get a feel for the event.  Having a good relationship with your vendors is important because they will be representing you on your wedding day.

Spokane wedding DJ, Traks DJ Service

Here are some basic questions you might consider asking before hiring a DJ:

  • Does the DJ have a written contract?
  • Does the DJ have insurance?
  • Does the DJ have references?
  • How long has the DJ been performing at weddings?
  • Does the DJ coordinate with the other vendors (photographer, caterer, etc.) to ensure a smooth flow for your event?
  • Does the DJ have any videos or pictures of other wedding events?
  • Does the DJ have photos of the set-up, so we can ensure it is a clean appearance?
  • Does the DJ bring back-up equipment in case equipment fails?
  • Is all the music edited for my guests?
  • Can we make requests before and during the wedding reception?

Spokane wedding DJ, Traks DJ Service

Check out this video of Traks DJ Service in action at a wedding at The Davenport Hotel!

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