5 Reasons to LOVE Winter Weddings

Post by Amy Plass

As the snow falls down outside my window today, I just can’t help but dream of winter weddings. There is something truly magical about weddings this time of year, so today I though I’d share with you the top 5 reasons I LOVE winter weddings!

1) Snowy photo shoots

Photo shoots in the snow are just magical. The pictures are just as they should be: the outside world is calm and white and the couple and their love take center stage.


Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes


2) Signature cocktail options

From spiked eggnog to cranberry fizz sparklers, there are many seasonal drinks to sample when choosing your signature cocktail, and all of them sound DELICIOUS! Even if you want to forgo signature cocktails, both kids and adults will appreciate a hot cocoa bar.

christmas wedding1

Left and center photos via Valley & Co. Lifestyle Blog, right hand photo from Onewed


3) The Accessories!

What isn’t there to love about hats, scarves, mittens, and sweaters? Adding these pieces to your bridal look can give it a whole new personality, plus it will keep you cozy. When else will you get the chance to wear a glamorous dress with Uggs underneath?


4) The inspiration from nature

Style inspiration is easy to find for this season, and much of it is beautifully rooted in nature. Think garlands and wreaths, or centerpieces that show off the beauty of the season. Between winter berries, pinecones, and poinsettias – you’ve got a beautiful palette to work with. Another bonus, decorating supplies are easy to find! And if you plan to be engaged for a year or more, you might be lucky enough to get a lot of it on sale!

christmas wedding3

Photos via Style Me Pretty


5) Venue/Vendor Availability

Winter is not as busy of a season for weddings, so it’s likely that your venue may have more availability in the winter months. You’ll also have more choices when it comes to vendors, since they probably won’t be booked as heavily as they are during the summer months. That should be music to your ears!


One last bonus, winter is the perfect time to take that honeymoon to that tropic isle you’ve been dreaming about!


Photo via mywedding.com


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone, I’m off to drink some cocoa!


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