How to Choose Where to Say “I Do”

Post by Amy Plass

If you just got engaged over the holidays, first off, Congratulations!

If you are wondering where to start your planning, don’t get too excited over centerpieces and decorations yet, you’ll just overwhelm yourself! Once you’ve nailed down the budget and have an idea of the time of year that you’d prefer, your first task is to determine location. Your location will help set the style and mood for your big day, and there are many different types of venues to consider:




A traditional wedding includes a religious ceremony in a place of worship, followed by a party in a reception hall. The traditional style is good for couples with strong religious ties, large guest lists, and strong connections to the bride’s hometown. A traditional reception hall can easily accommodate larger guest lists and they usually are equipped with their own tables and chairs, linens, flatware, and in house caterer.


All In One



If wedding planning already seems like a daunting task but you don’t want to sacrifice style, you might consider what I call an all in one venue. This venue will host both your ceremony and reception, and generally already has their own linens, dishes, tables, and chairs, plus an in house caterer. This means a huge chunk of your planning is cut out, and you can save quite a bit on rentals!




Backyard weddings can be very personal and intimate. However, the idea that backyard weddings can save you money is generally a myth. Unless you want everyone on your guest list to use the bathroom in your home, you’ll need to rent “facilities”. You may want to rent a tent unless you want to have your nuptials in the living room in case of inclement weather. You will probably need to rent tables, linens, dishes and chairs for all of your guests.  You’ll also need to figure out parking for all of them. If you can’t imagine your big day anywhere else, consider hiring a planner. This may seem counterintuitive, but planners often can save you money because of their relationships with vendors, and they can save you a ton of stress!




Destination weddings are great for couples who have a strong connection to a certain location or who simply want to escape with a small group of close friends and family. The cost of traveling can be very difficult for most guests, so finding all inclusive packages can be helpful. Also, make sure you do your homework early about marriage lisenses. Rules change from city to city and county to country, and you’ll want to make sure that you file correctly.




Museums, airplane hangers, wineries – weddings happen in just about any place. Unconventional venues can create a very unique and beautiful setting for your event. While some of these venues may see there fair share of weddings, many do not, and are not prepared to help with planning. You may need to do all of your rentals and find your vendors on your own, and you’ll need to check to make sure the venue has a liquor license. This is another situation where a planner will come in really handy.

Do you have a style of venue in mind? Make sure to check out our Venues page for more information on local wedding venues. Happy planning!


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