10 Ways to Keep Your Inner Bridezilla at Bay

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Post by Amy Plass

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time in your life. Unfortunately, your often trying to create an event that not only lives up to your expectations, but the expectations of your parents, future in laws, and even bridesmaids. So we’ve been asking: “What are the best ways to avoid acting like a bridezilla”? Here’s the best advice we heard.

1)    Know your budget, and stay within it. Most big arguments about weddings happen because of budget issues. Know what you have at your disposal, and keep within your means.

2)    Prioritize! Once you’ve established your budget, you’ll need to prioritize what is most important to you. For some brides the most important thing is the guest list, for others photography is the most important. Identify things that aren’t a priority and either eliminate them or find ways to minimize their cost.

3)    Have wedding free date nights.  You can’t focus on weddings 24/7 without going just a little crazy, and driving your hubby to be a little mad too. So every once in a while, plan a date night with zero talk of weddings. It’s hard to do, but every one needs to take a break now and then.

4)    Stop watching those reality TV shows of “perfect” weddings. As a bride, you need to create a new definition of perfect.  While a chocolate fountain or a designer dress may be out of your budget, that doesn’t mean that your day can’t be wonderful.

5)    Listen to your vendors. When you hire well-respected industry vendors, you aren’t just hiring them for their product, but for their expertise. So when they offer advice, listen! That doesn’t mean you always have to take it, but be open to their suggestions.

6)    Fight the fights WORTH fighting. So your bridesmaid wants to wear awful shoes with her dress. Your mom is determined to use lavender as a decoration in your wedding, for no apparent reason. There are some details that just aren’t worth arguing about. Pick the fights that are important to you, and be prepared to give some things up. Remember, this day isn’t just about you.

7)    Work out and eat healthy.  I hate giving this advice almost as much as I hate following it. But the truth is, a healthy exercise routine and good nutrition can really help you to handle any stress that comes your way with a positive attitude.

8)    Always treat your spouse to be with respect, whether he is in the room or not.  It may seem obvious, but LOVE your fiancé and show it with kindness towards him. No one wants to work with a bride who treats her fiancé poorly or badmouths him behind his back.

9)    Weddings are about celebrating! Everyone you love will be in the same place at once to celebrate your marriage. That doesn’t happen very often! Don’t lose focus on that because of something trivial.

10) Make marriage more important than the wedding. Your wedding will last one day. Don’t burn bridges with your fiancé or your family over one day.  Remember that you wedding day is just the start of your happily ever after together.

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