On Rivers Edge Wedding by Madeline James Photography

Anthony and Heidi’s wedding is gorgeous from start to finish. From the blue sash on the wedding dress, the amazing photography and the stunning venue, you’re sure to fight your Monday blues with this one. The event took place at On River’s Edge, a pretty barn venue on the Little Spokane River and the always inspiring Madeline James Photography was along to take the photos. You’re gonna love it!

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Madeline James On Rivers Edge

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Tips from bride Heidi…

  • It was so meaningful to have our family members contribute their individual talents to our wedding. My step-mom made all of the huckleberry jam from huckleberries she and my dad picked in the Northwest. My step-dad and mom even planted trees at our wedding venue that they have been growing on their tree farm for years. My sister, who is an interior designer, arranged all of the floral centerpieces that turned out beautifully and fit the venue perfectly.  I was so happy to see all of the little personal touches my family and friends had contributed throughout the day. It made the event so perfectly personal for both of us.
  • A friend of mine passed along some great advice a few days before the wedding: Take a quiet moment to yourself, maybe  while everyone is sitting down to eat dinner, to look around at all of your family and loved ones who are there to celebrate you and your love for your partner. This group of people will never be in the same place at the same time again.
  • Remember to spend time with your close friends and family at your wedding. So often the bride and groom spend time catching up with friends and family they don’t see as often that they don’t spend quality time enjoying the people they are close with.


Venue: On River’s Edge
Photographer: Madeline James Photography
Catering: Beacon Hill Catering
Bride’s Dress: Cicada Bridal
Groom’s suit: Paul Smith
DJ: Andrew Willingham
Wedding Cake: Stacey Garcia (Bride’s Aunt)
Florist: Ritter’s Nursery
Table Centerpieces: 
Flower arrangements: Andrya Cooper (bride’s sister)
Flower boxes: Dan Gaffney (bride’s stepfather)
Birch candle holders: Phil Leliefeld (bride’s father)



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