Vendor Spotlight: Skeeterbuggins Productions

This morning we are spotlighting videographer, Jarod of Skeeterbuggins Productions. Jarod graduated with a degree in digital media production and has been producing films for the corporate world (with clients including Yahoo!, ESPN and more) and engaged couples since 2004. He now shoots beautiful wedding videos all over Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.

Here is an interview to get to know him better!


What inspired you to become a videographer?

I have been interested in being behind the camera since I was a child making random videos and music videos with my best friend.  I love creating art with my camera and making beauty out of anything with the rotation of my focus wheel.  That love carried me through my undergraduate and graduate school days to being a business owner in the field today.

How long have you been doing videography?

I have been working in the field since 2004 and started my business as a part-time venture in 2006 and full-time in 2012.

What is your videography style?

I vary from the cinematic to the documentary.  Depends on the wishes of the client.

Why do you think couples should get a videographer?

The answer is simple… you can always relive the wedding and memories with a video.  Video is motion and action whereas photos are points in time and may not tell the whole story.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

My favorite part is the couple themselves and how special the day is to them, I love to capturing that for them.

What should couples look for in a videographer?

They should look for the best fit for them, in budget, style, and personality.   If you cannot afford it, you will not like it.  If you do not like the style, you will not enjoy it.  If you do not agree in terms of personality, you will have a hard working relationship.  I always suggest a consultation session to meet and greet before you sign a contract so you know what you are getting in product and person.

What do your packages include?

My packages include complete ceremony coverage and complete reception coverage.  You can add items such as a webcast of your ceremony for those who cannot attend the wedding, loved ones in the military overseas, or other countries.  Edit the same day services is popular for those who want a small ceremony and large reception and want to show highlights of the ceremony at the reception.  Love story slideshow is a fun package where you get to be the subject of your own documentary where we tell the story of your love through interviews and photos.

What is your price range?

I start at $500 and upwards from there.  I customize my packages for each couple because no two weddings are alike and why should you get the same exact package as someone else.

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For more info call 208-301-2691 or check out the Skeeterbuggins website.



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