Service Station Shoot by Michael Fisk Photography

Words by Melissa Persling

I am not what you would consider a particularly “crafty” person.  I’ve thought more about throwing my sewing machine out a window than actually learning how to use the dang thing and everything I’ve ever made is currently contributing to the overflow of this country’s landfills (for the record, I try to counteract this with my compulsive recycling.)  But I digress.  The point is I would liken my crafting abilities to that of a blind llama.

It was only after touring The Service Station in North Spokane that I became suddenly inspired (at first I thought I was having a stroke) to go to my “DIY Darling” Pinterest board and actually attempt to make one of the things I’ve been pinning for the past year!  The Service Station’s concert house is a virtual blank slate……no restrictions…..I could do ANYTHING!  The next few weeks consisted of about 48 trips to Micheals (I’m pretty sure they thought I was stealing), lots of broken glass, super glue on my carpet, super glue on me, me super glued to my carpet and a considerable amount of cursing.

With a lot riding on my questionable crafting I knew I needed to pull together an amazing team of area wedding professionals.   Be sure to check out the bottom of this post to see all the talented people and local business that made this shoot happen….every single one of them went above an beyond to deliver to you one of the coolest shoots I have EVER been involved with and Michael of Michael Fisk Photography documented every bit of it.

You’ve probably seen plenty of bridal inspiration shoots but trust me when I say you have NEVER seen something like this!
DSC_4710 (ZF-10054-03089-1-129)

DSC_4618 (ZF-10054-03089-1-116)

DSC_4738 (ZF-10054-03089-1-138)

Service Station Shoot Michael Fisk

DSC_4337 (ZF-10054-03089-1-085)

DSC_4647 (ZF-10054-03089-1-121)

DSC_4189 (ZF-10054-03089-1-060)

DSC_4308 (ZF-10054-03089-1-081)

Service Station Shoot Michael Fisk1

DSC_3912 (ZF-10054-03089-1-016)

DSC_4276 (ZF-10054-03089-1-079)

DSC_4133 (ZF-10054-03089-1-051)

DSC_3972 (ZF-10054-03089-1-026)

DSC_4018 (ZF-10054-03089-1-037)

Service Station Shoot Michael Fisk2

DSC_4004 (ZF-10054-03089-1-035)

DSC_3999 (ZF-10054-03089-1-034)

DSC_4720 (ZF-10054-03089-1-132)

DSC_4555 (ZF-10054-03089-1-111)

Service Station Shoot Michael Fisk3

DSC_4483 (ZF-10054-03089-1-103)

DSC_4521 (ZF-10054-03089-1-109)


Venue: The Service Station
Photographer: Michael Fisk Photography
Make-up: Lacey Moen at Earthly Beauty Bar- A Skin Care Lounge
Hair: Carrie Gridley Studio CG Salon
Cake: Cakes by Stefanie
Stationery: Papermade Invites
Flowers: Just Roses Plus
Dresses and Shoes: Storybook Bridal
Rentals (tables, linens, dishware and flatware, silver table covering and spandex for DJ booth): A to Z Rentals
Gold Chairs: Event Rents
Lighting & DJ Set-Up: Amp’d Entertainment
Model: Aubrey Shimek
Coordination: Melissa Persling



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