Videographer Spotlight: Your Day Films

We’re thrilled to be welcoming some very talented California transplants to the Inland Northwest! David and Holly own and operate Your Day Films. They were based in San Diego, but are now expanding their horizons to our neck of the woods. They create stylish and beautiful wedding films and we are very lucky to have them!


Here is an interview with this fab husband and wife team…

Hi! We’re David and Holly Hepburn, a husband and wife wedding cinematography team.  We created Your Day Films because we love telling impactful stories, and we love doing that together. We not only love shooting weddings, but we love marriage even more. We are passionate about having an awesome relationship with each other, and with every couple that we have the privilege to work with!

What inspired you to become a videographer?

Ever since I (David) first got started in video over 14 years ago, I have been passionate about telling meaningful stories. This lead me to study film and television in college, during and after which I had the opportunity to work on several primetime television shows, including ABC’s LOST. Shortly after getting married, we realized our combined love for shooting wedding films and created Your Day Films.

How long have you been doing videography?

I (David) have been involved in the world of video production for over 14 years, and been shooting weddings for 7 of them. We created Your Day Films in 2009.

What is your videography style?

We love telling stories with a cinematic approach.

Why do you think couples should get a videographer?

Can you trust Uncle Bob to hold a video camera? Yes. (Maybe.) Can you trust him to capture all those special moments that tell the story of you and your day? Not a chance. As wedding cinematographers, we know intuitively what to capture and how to best tell your story. Those details that you’ve spent all those months planning, the special moments between you and your fiancé, this only happens once, so trust professionals like us to capture it in a way that you’ll love watching over and over for years to come.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

This is such a difficult question! In terms of capturing footage, we love detail shots. Every single wedding we do is different from the last because each couple brings their own style into the details. Capturing those details is a blast because we get to do it in a new, unique way each time! In terms of wedding day moments, one of our favorites is when the bride and groom get moments to themselves (usually during photos), and we get to see them talking and laughing together.

What should couples look for in a videographer?

The first thing you want to look for is a style you like. You want to make sure our cinematography style is something you’re going to WANT to watch over and over! Why pay for something you’ll watch only once? Then you’ll want to meet with us. We’re a lot of fun, we’re easy to get along with, and we want to make sure we get to know you (and you get to know us) so we can tell your story. In fact, we even take you out to dinner after you book with us so that we can get to know each other better.

What do your packages include?

All of our packages include two cinematographers (David & Holly), high definition coverage (this can include getting ready, photo sessions, ceremony, reception, etc.), a custom mini-site with your wedding highlights, and Blu-ray & Standard Definition DVD discs. Discs contain your Wedding Highlights Film, a documentary-style edit of events (including your ceremony, speeches, etc.) and customized menus.

The mini-sites, in particular, are really cool, so be sure to check them out on our website. In addition to shooting your films, we also take a few photos over the course of your day so that everything from your Blu-ray menus to your mini-site are completely personalized to you and your day.

We also have ala carte add-ons like an Engagement Film (telling your love story of how you met and fell in love) and an HD Archival Digital Drive.

For more information check out the Your Day Films website!


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