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Rob and Megan of Rogue Heart Media are some of the most talented videographers and photographers in the area, and we are so excited to have them as a featured vendor! Today we are featuring an interview from this amazing husband and wife team.


What inspired you to become a videographer?

Megan: Storytelling through video has been a calling for me since a young age. I took my first job in television at 16, produced a feature-length documentary four years later, and have worked locally as a documentary and commercial filmmaker for eight years. Weddings and still photography are more recent extensions of that same storytelling and creativity, and they have quickly become favorites.

Rob: We’ll we are both storytellers by nature. Stories are powerful, they can help us celebrate our past achievements- but they can also inspire the audience and reaffirm the values the story represents. 2013 will be our 3rd season of bringing that storytelling to couples’ weddings.

How long have you been doing videography?

Rob: Well Megan has now been with North by Northwest for almost 8 years, where she works as an editor, producer, and director. We could each come up with a list of projects we have worked on in our lives that add up to something like 23 years of experience, but the honest answer is we’re now in our 3rd year of professional wedding videography.

Megan: And in our second year of wedding photography.


What is your videography style?
Rob: As we touched on, for us, it’s really about storytelling. We continue to develop our skills, adding effects subtly from time to time to raise the production value, but style should not be over-powering. What is ‘very stylistic’ today, will be trendy next year, and embarrassing the year after that. We produce timeless stories.

Meg: A big part of good storytelling is having the experience to be in the right place at the right time, and having the tools and experience to capture all of the elements in a way that is artful and compelling. It isn’t just point-and-shoot, it is cinema. The emotions are rich and real, and when captured well a wedding video should be as engaging as a movie. But it’s better, because it’s you and your loved ones!

Why do you think couples should get a videographer?

Meg: Photographs are essential pieces of art that you hang on your wall, and you hope will trigger fuller memories of your day. A video in the chance to watch your day and relive it, from the walk down the aisle, hearing the supportive applause after your ‘I dos’, and all of the incredible moments and voices that can’t be fully captured in stills. More brides today know and appreciate that it isn’t “photo or video,” but “photo and video” that they need to be planning for.

Rob: We have a unique perspective as we get to do both photography and videography. When a bride gets to view her digital proofs she is happy, when she gets to flip through the pages of her wedding album she is joyous, but when she watches her wedding video, when captured in a way that she can truly relive the day, she is moved beyond words.

Meg: My favorite is when we can get the groom to cry… and then moments later, laugh. Then I know we’ve done our job.


What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Megan: The entire day is beautiful. That’s why our base packages come with at least 8 hours of coverage. We love seeing the energy when everyone arrives on site. First looks are one of the greatest things to catch on video. The support of the family and friends leading up to the ceremony, and the creative programming and design. We always feel like we know our couples well, but at the toast we usually get a further peek into their back-stories. The kids covered in frosting. And the drive home where we often have time to review how the day went, get a milkshake, and talk about the workflow and what changes we might make.

Rob: Cake
Meg: You just lost all the ground you made in the last few answers.

Rob: …or pie, if they have pie.

What should couples look for in a videographer?
Rob: Check online, Apple Brides is a great place to start! View a few sample videos and once you narrow your list of potential videographers down to a few you like, contact the videographer to view a full wedding sample. At Rogue Heart we post full videos online that we can share upon request. Secondly, start to gauge the videographers personality as you begin correspondence. Out of all your vendors, you spend the most time with your photographer and videographer, so making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable around them. That is almost as important as their technical proficiency.


What do your packages include?
Rob: For Photography all of our packages include a complimentary engagement session (because it’s so important to establish a relationship before the big day), at least 8 hours of coverage, and an album (because quality photos of the most important day of your life don’t belong on a disc in a drawer). Our video packages are unique, so please contact us for details.

Megan: Also, for video we find we are able to be a resource for some very fun and outside-the-box ideas for couple. We’ve created save-the-dates, love stories for the reception, and even elements for incorporation in the ceremony. We love helping couples create and capture a day that uniquely reflects them, and video is an incredible tool to do that.

What is your price range?

Rob: Video starts at $1999

Megan: and Photography starts at $2199

For more information about Rogue Heart Media, check out their website!


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