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Today we are Spotlighting Kelly from Creatively Yours Photography. Kelly is an expert at asking all the right questions to learn about her clients so that she captures images that will tell their unique story. So we decided to ask Kelly a few questions of our own about herself, and her business.


Creatively Yours Photography
What makes your photography unique?
I believe one of the things that makes my photography unique is that I am there not just to photograph an event, but a relationship.  Your wedding day is a day to celebrate relationships- the bride and groom, the parents, the bridal party… everyone is there, because they have a relationship with the bride and groom.  I want you to be able to look back through your pictures and re-live the emotions of the day.  You should feel the anticipation again as you look at the pictures of bride getting ready and then before the First Look, the joy as you see each other for the first time that day.  And, of course the love.. remember when you look back 10 years later what that young love felt like. 

I think one of the other things that makes my photography unique is my personality… I’m pretty laid back and chill, but organized.  One of the things I’ve had clients tell me over and over again is that they just felt comfortable and relaxed with me.  I know what I want to get and I’m going to get it, but I’m going to be nice about it.  I’ve had a lot of guys in particular who just out right have told me that they don’t like getting their pictures done, and by the time we finished they said that they actually had fun, felt relaxed, and enjoyed the experience.  I think that is about one of the best compliments you can get.

Creatively Yours photography 2

Creatively Yours Weddings

What is included in your packages? 

All my packages include a complimentary engagement session and wall art as well as an online gallery to be able to share your images with your family and friends.  Packages start with 6 hours of coverage.  My favorite things that I offer in my packages are gorgeous wedding albums and wall art options.  Anyone can give you a disc or a usb, but if you don’t have something printed to stand and stare at, to pass down for generations to come what is the point?  I also include a second shooter with many of my packages.  I have a dynamite second shooter and I love working with her.  The benefits of having a second shooter is priceless at your wedding- more coverage, more angles, a second view point of your day.

What is your price range?  
Packages start at $1895 and range upwards to include albums, a second shooter, and larger wall art.


Creatively Yours Wedding Photography


How would you describe your style?
I would describe it as a classic creative, soft, and romantic.  I love getting the creative shots and doing something new and fun with each client, but I’m always going to get those classic smiling at the camera shots as well.  The colors of my images tend to be warm, soft (I’m not big on those bright poppin’ colors), and true to real life.  While I love editing and photoshop I always try to ensure that everything still looks natural.  As I said before I’m big on emotion and of course the emotion of the day for engagement and weddings is romance.

What should brides and grooms look for in their photographer?
I recommend looking for someone that you can see being your friend, someone you connect with.  Your photographer is going to be with you all day on the most important day of your lives.  They are going to be the ones sharing the day with you.  You want someone that will make you feel relaxed, at ease, confident, and totally unaware of their presence in those most private of moments.  Technically speaking you want someone that brings experience, professional grade equipment (just because the lens is big doesn’t mean that it is good), plus backup equipment and multiple lenses to create a variety of moods within the pictures.


Creatively Yours Wedding Photography 2


Any tips or advice for wedding planning?
While we all love all the little details and want every little thing to be the way we always imagined remember in the face of things not going as anticipated, because I’d be willing to be there will be some little hiccup in there somewhere in the midst of your planning, that all that really matters at the end of the day is that you and the person you love are getting married.  As long as you say, “I do” everything else will fall away and be forgotten.  Another biggie… with the arrival of pinterest you can almost have an idea overload and it can get overwhelming to think about all the options you have.  My advice is to find your venue and then dress and it will help set the tone for your wedding.  Once you have a theme/tone for the day it easy to come across an idea and ask yourself how it fits within those parameters or does it feel out of place.  Be okay with finding a fabulous idea, but being able to pass it up if it doesn’t flow within your theme.  Or, find an idea and then take it make it your own so that it does work within your theme.

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