10 Steps to a Successful Backyard Wedding

Still not set on a venue? Having a spring, summer or warm-weathered wedding? Today we have a special feature just for you! Our friend Alyssa over at Belle Journée Events and Photography tells us how to make your backyard a perfect fit for your wedding in just ten easy steps, so listen up and love your future backyard wedding!

Step 1: Make sure you have enough space. There’s nothing worse than planning to save money on your venue just to find that you don’t even have the space for your 200-person guest list.

Enough Space

Step 2: Hire a wedding planner. No, she won’t walk around talking into an earpiece, but she does know a lot about the wedding industry and can help you save money!

wedding planner

Step 3: Don’t skimp on the rentals. Tents and linens and china oh my! It may seem overwhelming but sitting down with your wedding planner to figure these things out is actually more fun than you’d think!


Step 4: Have a Plan B. While it may be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, for an outdoors wedding you need to plan for the unexpected. Renting a tent is the easiest way to keep your plans alive even if it rains!

plan b

Step 5: Make it personal! This one may seem obvious, I mean you did pick your backyard, but take it a step further. Serve your favorite food or a signature drink you both love! Have fun with it that’s the most important part!

Make it personal

Step 6: Hire Professionals. While it might be enticing to save money by having Aunt So-and-So cook or having a friend who dabbles in photography shoot your wedding; hiring the pros is still the best option. However, you can hire whoever you want at whatever price point you want.


Step 7: DIY It! I know I just said hire professionals, but some things you can get away with DIYing to save some serious dough! From DIY wedding invites to photo booths, hundreds can to trimmed down to pennies on the dollar with a little creativity!


Step 8: Keep the party outside. Vendors’ coming in and out is one thing, but keep the guests out of your house. If you have the room in your budget rent “facilities,” trust me, it’s worth the money!

keep it outside

Step 9: Inform the Neighbors! No one likes a noisy neighbor always dropping in to see what you’re up to, but what’s worse is if they call the cops because your music is keeping them up! If you live in a neighborhood it’s a good idea to give them a heads up a week before your wedding.

call the neighbors

Step 10: Enjoy your day! It’s your big day; you deserve to be stress free. Your wedding planner should be dealing with all those last minute stresses not you!

Enjoy your day



Alyssa Early is the owner and wedding coordinator of Belle Journée Events and Photography, he company specializes in the rental and day-of coordination of backyard weddings. They own all the essential rental items for any backyard wedding and reception along with décor items to save you money! Learn more about her packages at www.belle-journee-events.com, or follow them on Facebook! 




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