Photographer Spotlight: Megan Robinson Photography


Today I feel so fortunate to get to share one of my favorite area photographers with you! Her romantic style is sure to sweep you off your feet. We asked her to fill out a little questionnaire to tell us more about her. 

Name, Website and Location: 

Megan Robinson. You can find me at I focus on serving Spokane and am available for travel worldwide. My husband and I are currently living in Guatemala.


Where did you grow up?

I’m fortunate to say I grew up in The City of Trees (Boise!). Being half Idahoan and Guatemalan and having lived in both places has played a large role in my photographic style.  


Where have you travelled for your photography?

I have had many amazing clients from San Francisco to Maui to Idaho to Washington and everywhere in between. Last October I held my first photography workshop in Spain.



What makes your photography unique?

I’m inspired by light, nature, color, movement and texture. I incorporate these elements in each of my sessions to keep consistency while giving myself room to be creative with every shot. My photography is unique because of my vision along with my use of film.


How would you describe your style?

My style has been described as romantic, organic, whimsical and photojournalistic. While my main focus is always preserving events and emotion, I continually incorporate these elements to tell a story.


How long have you been pursuing photography professionally?

About three years ago I made the decision to begin developing my profession after my own wedding experience.  I had always been enamored with photo art, but my desire to transition my passion into a career developed after working with a photographer on my special day. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the wise choice of investing in a professional and it’s my biggest regret. My photos are not anything I cherish outside of the fact that that day was the happiest of my life. It wasn’t until after I realized how crucial that role is that I jumped fully into educating myself on how to provide a professional service for others. I spent over a year developing a base for my business before accepting work. My days were spent devouring everything I could find on business and technical tools with my own studies, local clubs and college elective courses until I felt I was ready to provide a service I knew met the demand of my clients.
I receive the utmost satisfaction in giving individuals a timeless collection of images. It’s an honor to be a part of such an important event in people’s lives.


What is included in your packages? What is your price range?

All my packages come with the full resolution edited images, along with a copyright release. Each package also includes print credit. They can all be customized to ensure we meet a happy medium for everyone. Packages start at $2,900.


What are some of your other hobbies outside of photography?

Well, whether or not I’m on the clock, I always have a camera glued to my hip. My husband and I thrive off adventure and new experiences and document  everything on our blog and tumblr. To sum it up, we spend our free time venturing in the mountains,  supporting farmer’s markets, going to concerts and sleeping under the stars. We also love meeting new people.  We’ve been fortunate to travel a lot and we’re currently living in Guatemala. (Don’t worry! We will be in Spokane again come spring time :))


What should brides and grooms look for in their photographer?

Aside from considering if you love the photographer’s work and if they can fit within your budget, I believe the most important thing to ensure is that you both are happy. Talk openly about what you’re looking for to determine what kind of photographer can meet both your needs. Consider hiring someone you’d be comfortable with and who can give direction without interfering with the natural flow of the day.







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