DIY Seed Bomb Favors with Park Road Photography

Post by Amy Plass


A few days ago, Sarah of Park Road Photography and I got together to indulge in a little DIY Project. Today, we are sharing the results with you. Sarah had the great idea to make seed bombs as gifts, and they turned out absolutely gorgeous!


So, you ask, what the heck is a seed bomb? Seed bombs are balls of clay with compost and wildflower seeds. You plant the whole thing and then watch it bloom! They make the perfect eco-friendly favor option for a green wedding. Plus, they’re just plain adorable!


To make seed bombs, you will need:

  • Flower seeds (we used sweet peas, but feel free to use several different kinds as long as they bloom in the same season)
  • Clay
  • Compost
  • Water
  • Pretty fabric
  • Ribbon to tie it off


To start, combine two parts mixed flower seeds with three parts compost. Stir in five parts of the clay, and then add water to moisten the mixture and make it easier to mush everything together. Did we mention that this DIY requires a little bit of getting dirty? You might just want to put that pretty engagement ring someplace safe for the time being (learn from my mistake). Roll the mixture into one inch round balls, like you’re working with cookie dough.


Once the balls have been formed, set them out to dry for 24-48 hours (you can stash them in an empty egg carton). After the balls have dried you can wrap them in pretty scraps of fabric or burlap. Tie them off with a pretty ribbon, or use twine or raffia. Attach an instruction card telling the recipients when and how to plant them. You will do best to reference the planting instructions on the back of the seed packet.


Don’t use a plastic bag as wrapping, because this can create a hot house effect and cause the seed bombs to start sprouting before you even have the chance to plant them. Similarly, keep the seed bombs in a cool dark place until you plan to give them out. This is a DIY that is best to do the same month as the wedding.


We hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!

All images from Park Road Photography



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