Vendor Spotlight: Lisa Wise Photography

Lisa Wise Photography is known throughout North Idaho for her beautiful light filled images and her amazing ability to capture the authentic moments between bride and groom. Today, we get the chance to learn a little about her style, her wedding packages, and her advice for brides and grooms to be during the wedding planning process.


Q: What makes your photography unique?

A: I believe what makes my photography unique is the passion and detail I put into every photograph I capture. I work very closely with all of my clients to create portraits that really highlight the bride and groom, their love for each other, and their unique style.



Q: What is included in your packages? What is your Price range?

A: My Wedding Collections range from $2000-3500 and offer a variety of options including everything from engagement session, custom albums , all day coverage, print credits, and an additional photographer. I also offer the option to build your own package to fit your individual wants and needs for wedding photography.


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style is a mix of bright and vibrant, simple and clean images.  I strive to really capture and highlight the beauty of the bride on her wedding day, and the emotions expressed throughout the amazing experience of joining in marriage.


Q: What should Bride and Grooms look for in their photographer?

A: Brides and Grooms should seek a photographer that fits their style and personality.  Someone they enjoy, work well with, and connect with their portfolio. They should look for professionalism, quality and also a great customer experience from start to finish.


Q: Any tips or advice on Wedding Planning?

A: When booking a photographer (or any wedding vendor), seek out the reviews of others to see what their experience was. Are they happy with their images? Did they enjoy the overall experience? Honest recommendations of those you know and trust, who have been through the process of planning and experiencing their own wedding will never steer you wrong!

For more information check out the Lisa Wise Photography website!


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