Secret Backyard Wedding by Park Road Photography

Backyard weddings are always some of my favorites, especially ones as intimate and meaningful as Sarah and Nathan’s Deer Park wedding by Park Road Photography. Here’s what photographer, Sarah, had to say about this special couple and their SECRET wedding day!

“Sarah and Nathan had a super secret little backyard wedding in August, with the intention of keeping their marriage a secret until their big formal wedding in July, 2013, but the secret only lasted for about 2 hours before they shared it with the whole world. I loved that they put so much thought and detail into their big day, even though they didn’t mean for it to be their BIG day. The family gathered together in Sarah’s grandmother’s backyard. It was extra special, because Sarah was extremely close to her grandmother, who had passed away a couple months before (her grandmother had an AMAZING love story of her own that inspired Sarah and the rest of her cousins – she fell in love with a guy in middle school, dated him through high school until he left for the war, and then reconnected with him many, many years later at a junior high school reunion, after each had married, raised families, and even retired). Sarah made sure to include her grandmother, and other grandparents and family members who have passed, in her ceremony and reception, with a thoughtful memorial table, a sweet locket, and special chairs under the tree for those family members who couldn’t join in their day. Their wedding dog was pretty sweet too!”


Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison1

Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison2


Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison3


Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison4

Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison5



Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison6



Park Road Photography Sarah & Nathan Denison7



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