Greenbriar Inn Wedding by AiP Creative Photography

Chad and Jody decided they wanted to do things a little differently. They decided to have an intimate ceremony in March and then to have a big reception in July when all their family could make it. They chose the lovely Greenbriar Inn in Coeur d’ Alene to say their vows with just a select few people and had David fro AiP Creative Photography capture the event. Here’s what David had to say about the day:

“You will never catch me telling a bride that it is important to follow the rules when it comes to her wedding.  Every wedding is unique, and it should be that way.  Don’t let your photographer tell you otherwise.  If you want something different, then do it — don’t let other people decide your wedding for you.  Jody decided she wanted her wedding in March, so she got it.  She also wanted her reception in July, when more of both sides of the family could make it.  She will get that, too.  I wanted her to have it the way she wanted it, so I am shooting both of them.  Now that’s cool.  So you will notice that we are missing the reception in these pictures and much of the family, but we are not really missing them — they are simply waiting to be photographed later.  Chad & Jody had a very intimate, smaller wedding at the lovely Greenbriar Inn.  One thing I love about Greenbriar is that their rooms are simply gorgeous to photograph the preparation in.  My favorite part of the entire day was really getting to know this wonderful couple better.  They are easy going and fun when it comes to photos, and popular too it seems, because even though they now live in Seattle, they were stopped at least a few times during our creative shots by people they knew.  No one even recognized me, and I live here!  Enjoy some of what we made last Saturday.”

Chad Jody-562

aip photography Green Briar

Chad Jody-267

Chad Jody-43

aip photography Green Briar6

Chad Jody-167

Chad Jody-496

aip photography Green Briar1

Chad Jody-287

Chad Jody-358

Chad Jody-349

Chad Jody-404

aip photography Green Briar3

Chad Jody-565

aip photography Green Briar4Chad Jody-601-2

aip photography Green Briar5

Chad Jody-696



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