Spokane Engagement by Shmily Face Photography

Erin and Rob rose bright and early (read 4 am!) to do their engagement shoot with Stephanie from Shmily Face Photography. Now that’s dedication! But the beautiful light in the early morning is more than worth it. Here’s what Stephanie had to say about the shoot:

“Erin + Rob = Sunrise shoots, sultry city shots, gorgeous red and black looks, and then some casual shots in, you know, a Rolls Royce. Who gets up at 4 AM to do sunrise shots?! ONLY THE BEST CLIENTS EVER.

I think more brides need to get on board with this not-so-used magic hour. It’s so quiet, and so intimate, and the rays of sunshine coming up over our gorgeous mountains equals shots that are emotive, colorful–plus, I can see coffee shots, and maybe a breakfast picnic, complete with bacon. Or made entirely of bacon. 

Because, really….bacon.”


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