Surprise Proposal by Michael Fisk Photography

Oh hey, want to see the cutest thing ever? We’ve got it right here. This is Erik popping the question to his girlfriend Hannah in the most romantic way possible. No big deal.

I think I’m going to nominate Erik for groom-to-be of the year (possibly decade). His proposal date was perfectly planned; featuring a custom menu, a gorgeous table setting in the woods, a waiter AND he serenaded Hannah on his guitar after the meal, not only that, but he also had the sense to make sure there were photographers there to capture the whole thing! He called in the amazing Michael Fisk Photography to help him pull it all off.

Here’s what Michael had to say…

“The future groom in this shoot contacted me about capturing the moment when he proposes to his girlfriend. (I know, rare huh?) I’ve always been wanting to do more of these but its so rare that a guy actually thinks of hiring a photographer before any of the wedding planning, so i was lucky to capture this one.

Anyways… His family has 5 acres in the valley where this all took place. She thought he was taking her on a normal date and they needed to stop by his house to pick something up. He walked her down a big moose trail several hundred feet into a secluded ravine where he had a table all set up for dinner and his best friend serve them a meal from a custom menu that he made, he had soft music in the background, running water from the creek, his guitar set up where he played her a song right before they danced and he told her that he loved her for the first time and busted out the ring. Of course she said yes. Then they walked back up to the house where to her surprise was a firework show and all of their friends and family members from out of town.

I had two photographers fully camo’d up and she had no idea we were taking pictures.”

Michael Fisk proposal


Michael Fisk proposal5

Michael Fisk proposal2


Michael Fisk proposal1

Michael Fisk proposal4





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