7 Wedding Websites You Should be Using

There’s no question that the internet has drastically changed wedding planning. I mean what did people do before blogs, google and Apple Brides?! The world wide wedding web is full of awesome stuff for weddings, it’s so full in fact, that it is near impossible to really know what’s out there. It’s so hard to know what sites are worth your time, worth handing over your very sacred e-mail address and which you will actually use. I have been residing in the wedding abyss now for several years, so I thought I would compile a list of some of the best wedsites (yes weDsite is a thing!) for your wedding. These are sites I would use and sites I think are bringing actual value to the wedding community.

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For anyone who has planned a wedding far away from your wedding location, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be to coordinate your bridal party. WeddingtonWay.com makes the whole process much simpler. Brides and their bridesmaids can get on the site and shop dresses together, compare colors to avoid clashing and buy the dresses right then and there. The site also has flower girls and groomsmen, as well as wedding dresses!

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I love this idea. Postable is a one stop shop for thank you cards. You logon, choose a stylish card and write your message, then Postable will mail them for you. They also help you collect addresses from your guests. Genius.

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Cloud Parade

This site has the potential to be the coolest site ever created! It’s an online marketplace where you can shop for your wedding by style, category and color. The shops featured are stylish and unique (think etsy, but exclusively for weddings).

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MyWedding.com-Free Websites

Mywedding.com has many great wedding planning resources (like budget calculators, checklists, etc) but the reason they are on this list is I love their wedding website creator. It’s very straightforward (for the technologically inept such as myself) and easy to use…and it’s FREE! You can also order invitations to match your website’s theme. Spokane based, Mango Ink, has a whole series of wedding site/invitation matches on the site!



There are a million wedding blogs and sites out there, keeping up with them all could easily become a full time job. Wedding Gawker makes sifting through all these sites much simpler by congregating top posts from around the internet, so you can find the ones that apply to you.

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There are many honeymoon registry sites out there, but Wanderable is my favorite. It perfectly combines beauty and easy functionality! Not only does Wanderable help you with the actual planning of your honeymoon by matching your budget, preferences, etc, but it’s also very convenient for you guests. Your honeymoon registry is displayed on a gorgeous website that you send your guests to, your guests can then either contribute to your fund or give you a hand wrapped package with a gift description (i.e. buy you dinner one of the nights of your honeymoon). You can also use Wanderable to send your thank you cards!


Little Borrowed Dress

A handy website where your bridesmaids can RENT their dresses instead of shelling out the mega bucks to buy them (because honestly, how often do you actually get to re-wear a bridesmaid dress???) Little Borrowed Dress has a modest collection of dresses that come in a plethora of colors and are designed to fit almost all body types so they don’t have to be altered. They also send two sizes to you can make sure you have a backup.

little borrowed dress


 What are your favorite wedsites?



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