How to Make a DIY Chevron Table Runner

This morning we featured 5 centerpiece ideas under $15 styled by Alyssa of Belle Journee Events and this afternoon Alyssa is showing you how to make the chevron runner in her modern theme centerpiece!

It’s a quick and simple DIY project, my fav kind!

How to Make a Chevron Table Runner, click here


  •  2 ½ yards of chevron fabric
  •  sewing pins
  •  rotary blade
  •  matching thread
  •  sewing gauge

diy chevron runner

Step one:

Cut the salvage off. This is the side of the fabric that usually has no printing

Step two:

Decide how wide you want your runner to be. Cut the fabric 1 inch wider than you want it because you will be losing that in the seam. I cut mine 12 inches so my final width is 11 inches. Continue to cut this width until you don’t have enough fabric. I got 3 out of mine!

diy chevron runner

Step three:

Turn the edge of your fabric under ¼”. Press. Go along the entire runner. On your second lap, turn under again. You will now have a nice finished edge that won’t unravel when you wash it. Pin and Press.

DIY Chevron Runner

Step four:

Stitch the seam down using a ¼” seam allowance.  Once you’ve made it all the way around your runner press it one more time.

diy chevron runner

Repeat for the remaining runners and enjoy!

diy chevron runner

diy chevron runnerPhoto by 2ee’s Photography 

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