Amp’d Entertainment Flip Books

We love when unique wedding ideas double as entertainment for your guests. Amp’d Entertainment is now offering flip books. Yep, you heard right. Those classic old books you’d flip though and it looked like the pictures were moving.

The flip books are made by taking an 8 second video clip and turning them into a flip book for your guests to take home. How awesome is that?!

Here’s the info you need to know:

The Flip Book is old technology paired with a new innovative twist that takes an 8-second video clip and turns that clip into a Flip Book for you and your guests to enjoy time and time again.

The Flip Book Station dimensions are approx. 7ft x 10ft, but can be made smaller or larger to accommodate the size of the venue or space requirements. It can output about 60-70 flipbooks per hour @ a non-stop pace with both printers running and you and your guests get the flipbook created at the event and get to take it home with them. The Flip Book Station comes with two printers to make the printing process smoother and faster.

flipbook-02Photo found here.

Flip Book Packages Include the Following:

Unlimited Flip Books Prints
24 Page Flip Book(s)
Premium Props, & Signs
2 Attendants to expedite the Flip Books for your guests
Custom Flip Book Cover With your name or event name and date
7ft x 10ft Booth Size
Set-Up and Breakdown of the Flip Book Station

Flip Book Options Include the Following:

Booth and Backdrop Color
Upgrade to a 30 Page Flip Book
Add a LCD Screen to view the Live Video
Additional Hours
Double Flip Book Prints mailed to you
The Photo Footage after the event. Photo footage uploaded for digital viewing after the event
Additional Flip Book Stations

For more info, check out the Amp’d Entertainment website!


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