5 Reasons to get Married at Belle Victorian Gardens

Anyone who’s been to Belle Victorian Gardens will always walk away saying one thing, “wow that place is gorgeous!” The detail and thought that owners Pam and Larry have put into every single detail of their venue is astounding. If you’re still looking for your venue, then this is a must see!

Here is Pam with 5 (of many!) reasons you should get married at Belle!

amber glanville wedding joanna andrew_139Photo by Amber Glanville Photography

1. Belle is a one of a kind, upscale venue.

Its grounds are situated on 5 manicured acres all of which are painstakingly gardened by owners Pam and Larry. The unique nature and facilities of Belle will be such a treat for you and your guests.

Belle Victorian Gardens

2. There’s a million and one places to have pictures taken!

Everywhere you turn there is another gorgeous vignette to enhance your photographic experience. There’s a small secret garden which is a delight to the eyes, especially in the evening. It is lit by 2 chandeliers, and there is even a vintage bathtub! You can also take a boat ride on the small pond for romantic images with the 4000 square foot Victorian home in the background. There is a French iron bed in the woods which is dressed in shabby chic linens for every wedding. An old flatbed vintage truck serves as a backdrop for the sunset every evening as well. We also have a half an acre wildflower field which is full of red and pink poppies most of July, which is gorgeous for all couples portraits. Belle is a photographers dream.

Belle Victorian Gardens

3. Stunning ceremony & reception spots.

An oversized gazebo serves as a wonderful backdrop for your vows, although there are many other areas you can chose to be married at on the grounds. The waterfall area is especially nice. The reception area is peaceful and beautiful and offers a great view of the Victorian style home.


Belle Victorian Gardens

4. So many extras!

We also have a manmade photo booth for all your guests with every prop you could think of to dress up in. An old piano also graces our back acreage for some sweet musical vibes. Belle also includes a whole shed full of vintage furniture for you to choose from for your set-up. Our package includes the whole day, house, grounds, set-up, linens, centerpieces, isle flowers, a full wedding coordinator, styling, tents, and heaters.

Belle Victorian Gardens Post1

5. A full service venue.

Belle can accommodate 200 guests and is very opposite of the do it yourself venues. We are very hands on and specialize is serving the bride, groom and their families every need.

Belle Victorian Gardens

To arrange a tour Belle Victorian Gardens please call 509-276-6939!


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