5 Reasons to Get to Know Your Photographer

Your photographer is one of the most important vendor decisions you’ll make. Firstly, the pictures you get from your wedding will be with you forever so you want to make sure you LOVE them. Secondly, your photographer will likely be interacting with your family and guests so you want to make sure they are easy to work with. And lastly, they are the only vendor who will be with you ALL day. You better like them!

Today, Rachel from Distinction Studio has five great reasons about why it’s so important to build a great relationship with your photographer.

5 Reasons to get to know your photographer

1. We love making new friends!

Distinction Studio takes great pride in not only being your photographer but also your friend. Friends are comfortable around each other and not afraid to show off their personality. When being photographed, what could be better than photographs that truly show off your personality?  Plus… I love meeting new people and making new friends. It is wonderful to have clients to photograph, but it’s even better to photograph friends!

5 reasons to get to know your photographer

2. Following you on Pinterest is great!

Now I cannot speak for all photographers here, but I personally love using Pinterest with brides (and grooms) I work with. Like I said above, Distinction Studio truly wants to be more than a photographer, I want to be friends… So let’s follow each other on Pinterest! When a bride has a wedding board or photography board, I follow her and am able to get an idea of her style and what she likes. Sometimes by seeing someone’s board(s) I am able to see a common trend or theme throughout photographs. When I see a trend, I talk with the bride (or groom) to see if it is something they seem to like a lot but didn’t realize or had not told me. By doing this, I am able get an even better idea of how to give you the best possible photographs! Since we all enjoy Pinterest so much, let’s use it to our advantage!

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3. Your photographs are more you!

By honestly getting to know your photographer and having a relationship with them that goes past just taking pictures, your photographs are more you. Got a crazy, new, or unique idea that you want to try out? Distinction Studio is more than happy to do something new! Sometimes those are the most fun! That big cheesy grin you only get when laughing so hard your stomach hurts, the sassy look you give your fiancé from across the room, or the romantic and loving embrace… Distinction Studio wants to capture it all!

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4. We are a great resource!

We are in the wedding industry and we know LOTS of others who are too! Many people book their photographer early on in the planning process and that’s all they do; book their photographer and go on their way. Did you know though, that many photographers are a great resource and are totally willing to share? When someone books with Distinction Studio, they are more than welcome to ask for help with the planning. Like I said, we want to go above and beyond. Are you looking for someone to do hair and make-up, how about flowers or a cake? Distinction Studio keeps a list of recommended vendors that we have worked with and know provide great services. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer if they have recommendations… We are a great resource!

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5. It’s more fun!

Of course it’s going to be more fun if you get to know your photographer! We are with you pretty much your entire wedding day, so let’s make sure we have a good time together. What better way to do that then getting to know each other and being able to laugh together! Distinction Studio wants you to enjoy yourself and have fun while making sure to capture photographs you will be proud to show to friends and family!


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