Vendor Spotlight: Matt Green Films

We’re thrilled to be introducing you to one of our newest featured videographers, Matt Green Films. Matt focuses on capturing weddings in a natural and unobtrusive way so that your wedding video perfectly captures your wedding day.

Here’s an interview with Matt…

What inspired you to become a videographer?

I’ve always loved film and cinematography. From a young age I would make movies on my Dad’s VHS camcorder and continued making films while studying photography through high school and into college.  Initially I pursued a career in photojournalism but I found myself more and more being drawn into to videography.  I started out working on some independent movies in Spokane which was very helpful in learning about the techniques and tools of the trade . A few years back when I filmed my first wedding I was completely hooked, I loved all the emotions that weddings provide and having the chance to create something special that holds so much meaning to the bride, groom and their families.

What is your videography style?

I think I would describe my style as cinematic, yet unique and personal to each couple.

I try to take viewers through the range of emotions that the bride and groom go through on their wedding day, from the nervousness and excitement to the joy and celebration.

I truly enjoy what I do and I hope that comes across in my films.

Why do you think couples should get a videographer?

How amazing would it be to have a video from your parents or grandparents wedding days?

To be able to see them as a young couple just beginning their lives together?  To me that’s the cool thing about a good wedding film, it can transport you back to that moment in time like no other medium and I think more and more couples are coming to realize wedding films are not just a camera on a tripod anymore.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

There are so many amazing moments, exchanging the vows, the first dance, the bride reveal.  But I’d have to say I find the toasts from fathers to daughters to be some of the most emotional moments in a wedding and it’s something for me personally I feel honored to capture.

What should couples look for in a videographer?

I think first and foremost, do you like their work, does it match your style and personality and how you envision your wedding film. Also, do they have experience. Make sure this person is capable of capturing your biggest day to video.

What do your packages include?

All my packages include a full day of coverage from myself and another videographer. I provide a Blu Ray DVD with a full length film as well as a thumb drive with both a short and full length film.  More details can be found on my website or please feel free to contact me by phone and I would love to discuss any questions or special requests.

For more info check out the Matt Green Films website!


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