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I always say if you want to feel truly confident and beautiful on your wedding day, you need to hire a professional hair and make-up artist. You might think you do an awesome job of doing your own styling (and maybe if you’re Kate Middleton, you do) but 98% of the time, you would be better off hiring a professional. They know how to give you a look that will stay ALL DAY come high heat or rainy downpour, they know how to make sure you look fabulous in your pictures and above all they can help you look AND feel gorgeous! Don’t underestimate how important that is!

We’re continuing our Vendors We Love series by highlighting some of the very best hair and make-up artists in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.

Hair & Make-Up Artistry by Ashley Smit
at Embellish Salon and Spa
Services: Make-up and Hair styling, eyelash extensions, etc.
Phone: (208) 651-8327

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Embellish Salon


j. ashley sellen design & artistry
Services: Make-up, air brushing

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Camden Ranch Shoot15Photo by Crystal Madsen Photography.

Janell Macek

Services: Make-up application
Phone: 208-771-0720

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Beacon Hill Photo Shoot27

Photo by Rebecca Hollis.

Kiss & Makeup

Services:  Makeup, Bridal makeup, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions

Phone:  (509) 315-3246

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Park Road Bliss Hill20Photo by Park Road Photography.

Studio CG Salon

Services: Hair services (cut, color), bridal styling
Phone(208) 660-2954

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Featured Weddings Photo by Haute Pink Photography.

The Make-Up Studio

Services: Air brush make-up application, Make-up application classes
Phone: 509-455-7430

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Hair Post Photo by Park Road Photography.

Shasta Hankins Freelance Make-Up

Services: Make-up application, air brush makeup
Phone: 208-301-2450

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Shana130Photo by Ifong Chen.

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